Swarm episode 6 explained as true crime documentary offers twist on show’s ending

Looking for a debrief of Swarm episode 6? Fans are offering up theories to explain on one of the thriller’s most head-scratching chapters.

WARNING: Spoilers from Swarm ahead

Swarm, Amazon Prime Video’s new thriller series, is proving to be a must-watch show this spring. Coming from the minds of Atlanta’s Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) and Janine Nabers, Swarm offers a horror-inflected take on the dark side of ‘stan culture’.

Following Andrea “Dre” Greene (Dominique Fishback), an obsessive fan desperate to meet her musical hero, Ni’Jah (Nirine S Brown), things take a deadly turn when ‘stan culture’ goes to the extreme.

One of the most intriguing episodes of the season is the sixth, which deviates in format. For anyone needing the ending explained, here’s what you need to know.

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Swarm episode 6: Overview explained

The sixth episode is titled Fallin’ Through the Cracks. This is also the name of the true crime documentary which the episode presents itself as. We follow Memphis detective Loretta Greene (Heather Simms) in the documentary as she tries to piece together a string of recent murders.

In this episode, the characters of Andrea and Khalid, among others, are not played by the actors we’ve previously seen in the series. London Rose, not Dominique Fishback, takes on the role of Andrea in this episode, as it serves as a documentary re-enactment of events.

We follow Detective Greene as she comes close to cracking the case and catching Dre. At the end of the episode, we learn that Dre is now going by the name Tony and has transitioned. We catch up with Tony in the following episode.

But things are twisted further when Donald Glover, as himself, appears in the episode. In a concluding scene, Glover discusses “this show I’m working on right now with Chloë [Bailey] and Damson [Idris] and Dom Fishback.” This suggest to the viewer that the other Swarm episodes, besides episode 6, are supposed to be fictional. They are themselves dramatizations of a true crime case that real the detective, Loretta Greene, is exploring a real case.

Swarm’s ending explored in light of episode 6

Having a one-off documentary-style episode threw many Swarm viewers. It’s place in the context of the season has sparked much debate about what it could mean.

One fan has an interpretation of episode 6’s ending which is finding favor amongst viewers. Their theory is that Dre ran on stage at the Ni’Jah concert and got arrested, with the true crime documentary piecing together the murders afterwards. Episode 7 then shows Dre’s viewpoint after she runs on stage and “finally snaps.” Having Ni’Jah’s face replaced with Marissa’s is all part of Dre’s imagination. It comes from the intense guilt she felt after not answering Marissa’s call and views the murder spree as carrying out the promise she made to Marissa that they’d meet Ni’Jah. The fan also explained that watching episode 7 before episode 6 will help with the order of events.

Many are under the impression that Swarm’s real ending comes at the end of episode 6.

Alternate theories coming from episode 6

The inclusion of a coda in episode 6 featuring the real Donald Glover has sparked the most debate. As this clip grounds the Fallin’ Through the Cracks documentary in non-fiction, it prompts Swarm viewers question all the other episodes they’ve watched up to this point.

Nabers explained that “this series is [billed as being] ‘not a work of fiction’,” and episode 6 leans into that. “You’re watching actors re-create events that happened [within] a 2 1/2 year period,” Nabers explained to the Los Angeles Times.

The parallels between the TV show and real life, notably its parallels with Beyoncé, had some fans questioning whether Swarm’s Andrea Greene is real. Nabers and Glover took inspiration from real events and murders, as well as rumored incidents relating to ‘stan culture’ to write the show. So, while the characters are fictitious, the source material is grounded in some reality. Episode 6 emphasizes this idea, toeing the line of reality.

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