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Simon McBurney

The Piano Factory in London’s Cassie Yukawa is home to concert pianist Simon McBurney. In Japan, Cassie began her musical journey

The actor has a lovely family of five people who are all artistically inclined and engaged. He is very close to both his partner and children.

The couple’s kids are exceptional draughtsmen, and their 13-year-old daughter even took first place in the Wycliffe art contest.

The spouse of The Last King of Scotland has new growth in her life following the birth of Noma. Both of them assist one another in their task.

Simon McBurney’s Wife

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Simon McBurney: Wife Cassie Yukawa

London-based musician Cassie Yukawa is the wife of Simon McBurney. There are three kids altogether between Simon and Cassie.

She was born in London, England, to an artist mother and a banking father. Her mother is a British artist and activist named Susanne Bayly-Yukawa.

She increased her involvement for business and human rights while studying traditional Japanese arts.

The artist’s late father was Akihisa Yukawa. Her father, who was 57 years old when he died in the JL123 plane crash on August 12, 1985, has been gone for 37 years.

In 1983, he was the banker who authorized Sumitomo Bank to sign papers in Indonesia.

On January 9, 2021, she also lost her aunt Janet Channon, who was 77 years old, to heart failure.

Additionally, Kazuo Yukawa, a former managing director of Fuji Bank, was her grandfather and Constance Olivia Bayly, her maternal grandmother.

Diana Yukawa, her sister, is a violin-focused artist as well. In the wake of her father’s passing, she was born in Tokyo, Japan.

Yukawa attended Hawkwood CFT for his education. Her childhood piano was looked after by Alicia Carey, who now happily resides at Hawkwood.

The artist praised her dearest Carey for assisting her in adjusting to her new, actual physical surroundings.

Simon McBurney: Career

Cassie usually gives performances at The Piano Factory, a place where people may have a safe space to experiment and express themselves.

She even participates in charitable activity. They once increased the night’s fundraising target for Bouncer, beloved Polly Baton-horse. Brown’s

The pianist has performed at numerous venues including the Royal Albert Hall, Almeida Theatre, Cadogan Hall, Wigmore Hall, London Film Festival’s 50th anniversary event, Ether Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, The Music Festival of the Hamptons, and more.

She even collaborated with Nitin Sawhney, a musician. She claims that her ambition is to sow a seed by asking others to share their soul journeys.

For her first curated event at her factory, she received outstanding support. For November, they were completely booked, but they still had a few openings for their time together on December 10, 2022.

The birth of Pause Palace, the beloved Katie Abbott community, made the artist feel privileged, humbled, and beyond words moved.

She even described the mystical undertaking resonating in liminal space on the cyberwaves.

Simon McBurney: Relationship Timeline

On March 4, 2016, Simon McBurney wed Yukawa in the presence of her three children at the Camden Registry Office. Their relationship lasted nine years.

With Sarah Loader’s assistance, they planned the double-decker wedding bus for the improbable March. They worked with the intelligent Anna J. and were blessed with the lovely gift of Angela’s flower creativity.

With their three children, they later relocated from North London to Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Before Simon left for a month in New Zealand in September, the family took one final stroll together.

The family celebrated the theatrical director McBurney’s 65th birthday on August 25, 2022. For his particular occasion, his wife and kids decorated the location.

The back of his sign was made by her 13-year-old daughter Noma, and the artist jumped over the beam.

They used those balloons for the game as well as to complete the décor with homemade water bomb ornaments.

The birthday table, according to Yukawa, was prepared for her partner’s arrival. When he returned to our planet and the cycles of his soul’s journey began to unfold, she said she merely wanted to ride the wild cosmic trip with her mother and be blessed beyond measure.

The pianist extolled her husband’s culinary skills. She claimed that in addition to writing, acting, and directing plays, he is a brilliant chef.

They collaborated during the winter while creating an immersive audio play of Susan Cooper’s cult classic The Dark Is Rising.

They had been in a fall rhythm since September when he spent a half-day on the weekend in Slad Valley.

She said that she frequently locks herself in the piano room to balance her creative urges with her family obligations. The pianist describes her family life as exhilarating, awkward, affirming, and chaotic.

Simon McBurney
Simon McBurney

Simon McBurney: Children

Noma, Teyo, and Mamie McBurney are the three children of Yukawa and McBurney. She posted a lot of entertaining memories of her kids on Instagram.

On April 1, 2009, she gave birth to Noma, which changed the course of her development and made her more aware of her feminine side.

She posted the first photo from their trip to Greece in November 2022. While there, she and her older daughter worked on Cyclone for her godfather, Angel Marcello.

His girlfriend once sent him Noma’s handwriting, to which Mamie had added blue nail polish. For Valentine’s Day, Toyo sketched a rose as well.

His eldest daughter proved that she was born an artist when she took home the Wycliffe art competition’s Chinese Year of the Tiger prize. She even studied with her father for the test for the school’s art scholarship.

The English actor and his youngest daughter collaborated in the recording studio for Figures in Extinction in March 2022. In the end, she enjoyed rumbling the numbers from 1 to 24 despite the playwright’s assertion that they weren’t quite ready.

Simon McBurney: In Carnival Row

The TV show Carnival Row featured McBurney as Runyan Millworthy for both of its seasons. In the nine episodes of the show from 2019 to 2023, he made an appearance.

The second season of Simon McBurney Carnival Row will premiere on February 17, 2023.

It was written by Rene Echevarria, Mateja Bozicevice, and Travid Beacham. The actor collaborated on the new season with Cara Delevingne, Orlando Bloom, Tamzin, Karla Crome, David Gyasi, Caroline Ford, Andrew Gower, Scott Reid, and other first-season actors.

He had several appearances in the first season of the crime drama, notably in the episodes Some Dark God Wakes, Aisling, The Joining of Unlike Things, Kingdoms of the Moon, and others.

Simon McBurney
Simon McBurney

Simon McBurney: Bio

Popular British actor, author, and director Simon Montagu McBurney was raised in Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom.

He studied English literature at Peterhouse and received his degree in 1980. Mcburney has acted in a number of well-known movies, including Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Friends with Money, The Golden Compass, The Duchess, Robin Hood, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, The Golden Compass, The Golden Compass, The Golden Compass, and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation, among many others.

He founded and is the creative director of London’s Théâtre de Complicité.

Simon McBurney: Age

As of 2019, Simon McBurney is 62 years old. He was born in Cambridge, England, on August 25, 1957. The actor observes his birthday every year on August 25.

Simon McBurney: Height

Man of medium height, the Harry Potter actor. He is a tall man, standing at 5′ 612″. (1.69 m). His height, weight, and other physical characteristics are not currently known.

Simon McBurney: Family

Charles McBurney and Anne Francis Edmondstone were Simon’s parents. His parents got together during World War II when they were distant cousins.

Charles, his father, was a Scottish-American academic and archaeologist who lived in the United States. Additionally, Charles McBurney, an American surgeon, was his grandfather.

His mother, a British woman of English, Scottish, and Irish origin, worked as a secretary. If he has siblings, they are unknown.

Wife of Simon McBurney Cassie Yukawa is the wife of married McBurney. He has a concert pianist for a wife. The pair hasn’t specified the the date of their wedding, though.

Additionally, there is little information available about his wife because she chooses to remain anonymous. Three children, whose names have also not been revealed, were born to Simon and his wife. The family calls London, England home.

Simon McBurney: Net Worth (2023)

McBurney hasn’t disclosed how much money he makes. He is a straightforward individual who dislikes drawing attention to himself by openly flaunting his money. This paragraph is currently being reviewed, and we’ll let you know when his net worth is made public.

Simon McBurney
Simon McBurney

Simon McBurney: More Details

  • Peter McBurney Since 1988, actor McBurney has worked in the entertainment sector. He has been an actor for more than three decades, and he is currently one of the most well-liked in Britain.
  • He has appeared in a number of films, playing a variety of characters, including Dr. Atticus Noyle in The Manchurian Candidate (2004), Cecil the choirmaster in The Vicar of Dibley, CIA computer genius Garland in Body of Lies, and Nigel Stone in The Last King of Scotland.
  • Along with these roles, he also had cameos as the metrosexual spouse Aaron in Friends with Money, Fra Pavel in The Golden Compass, Charles James Fox in The Duchess, and Oliver Lacon in Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.
  • He also played Archdeacon Robert from 2010 to 2014 in the BBC comedy television series Rev. He played Johannes Burchart, a specialist in canon law, in the television series The Borgias.
  • Peter McBurney Daniel Radcliffe plays Harry Potter in the movie, which also includes Rupert Grint as Ron Weasley and Emma Watson as Hermione Granger as Harry’s best pals.
  • Harry Potter McBurney provided the voiceover for the cast. In David Yates’ 2010 fantasy film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Kreacher is introduced. Additionally, it is the seventh and last movie in the Harry Potter series.
  • Kreacher, a house-elf who has worked for the House of Black for many centuries, appears in the movie. Kreacher initially made an appearance in the Order of the Phoenix as Sirius Black’s rebellious servant.
  • Because of Sirius’s loyalty to his former masters, whose pure-blood beliefs Sirius has spurned, he despises Sirius.

Simon McBurney: Quotes

  • Theatre is the art form of the present: it exists only in the present, and then it’s gone. …
  • As a child, acting just seemed like a natural extension of my love of play – and if you’ve forgotten how to play, you shouldn’t be an actor. …
  • ‘The Master and Margarita’ is deeply to do with the unconscious.

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