Shehnaaz Gill hugs crying fan, gives her a kiss after she gets down on her knees: ‘Ye kya hai?’

A video of Shehnaaz Gill interacting with a fan, who cried after meeting her favourite star, was shared by a paparazzi account on Instagram. In the clip, the fan is seen getting down on her knees, reacting to which Shenaaz said, “Ye kya hai (what is this)? Utho (get up).” After the fan said to Shehnaaz that it was a dream come true for her to meet the actor, Shehnaaz gave her a tight hug. Also read: Shehnaaz Gill scolds bodyguard for pushing fans away as they crowd her for pics, says ‘don’t repeat this’. Watch

In the clip, Shehnaaz gave her a couple of kisses and consoled her after the fan got down on her knees. The actor told her fan in Hindi, “What happened? Get up now.” When the fan wanted to give Shehnaaz a ring, the actor refused, and said in Hindi, “No way, I have taken this,” as she pointed to a bracelet the fan had gifted Shehnaaz moments earlier. The actor is also seen stopping a female security guard from trying whisk away the fan, while Shehnaaz spoke to her.

Reacting to Shehnaaz’s interaction with the fan, an Instagram user wrote, “She’s a down-to-earth woman with no pretension.” A person commented, “She’s giving invisible healing vibes to the fan, she understood that the fan maybe needs it.” Another one said, “This is the real world and how much love is there in this world for Shehnaaz Gill… we all consider her our family and are always wishing for her good health, happiness and success.”

Shehnaaz is busy with her upcoming…

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