Shah Rukh Khan's Ripped Physique In Pathaan Is Every Boy's Dream, Here Is How To Achieve It -

Last Updated: January 01, 2023, 11:23 IST

One can only dare to look as good as SRK does! (Image: Instagram)

One can only dare to look as good as SRK does! (Image: Instagram)

It is literally impossible to imagine what Shah Rukh Khan achieved at the age of 57, physique-wise, one thing we know is that it takes a sheer amount of hard work before one can flaunt a body like that.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan remains a rage even among millennials. This craze is not just for his movies but also for coming out as an extremely fit actor at his age. One can surely not miss his 8-pack abs in the poster from his upcoming movie Pathaan. Be it Pathaan or his decade-old song Dard-e-Disco from Om Shanti Om, he has been setting major fitness goals.

Now, one might think that a rigorous exercise is required to achieve similar goals, but experts have different opinions. They say there is more to achieving those perfect abs. While exercising remains crucial, other factors should not be ignored. Here are a few tips on how you can get abs like king Khan.

  1. There are no shortcuts 
    Exercising for hours at a stretch or using steroids might give you desired results, but it can be extremely harmful in the long run. Over 20 mins of Cardio can be a good start. It is also important that you focus on your entire body. It’s a common misconception that for getting perfect abs the focus should be on your belly and abdomen area. On the contrary, all your body muscles need to be flexed to get better results.
  2.  The perfect diet 
    Abs aren’t just made in the gym. The real work begins in the kitchen. You’ll need to approach your diet with the same focus that you do your workouts. Avoid protein shakes and go for real food. Keep a check on overeating. It would help if you drink plenty of water. Aim for a gallon per day if possible. Keeping your body hydrated can help you control your hunger. However, first, get yourself checked by a doctor to determine what diet will work best for you.
  3. Good sleep is essential
    Insomnia is a major issue among millennials but any workout regime requires your muscles to get rest at the end of the day. Studies have linked inadequate sleep to metabolic issues, obesity, and long-term medical problems. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule if you want all your hard work to pay off.

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