Seth Meyers Unearths ‘Walk Bag’ Filled with Money in Case Trump Wins

Extra polling is origination to turn disgraced ex-president Donald Trump well-known President Biden in a 2024 rematch, however Seth Meyers isn’t apprehensive. That’s partially as a result of there’s nonetheless presen and, it sounds as if, partially since the NBC host has his resignation plan locked into playground.

All through Monday night time’s “A Closer Look” branch, Meyers zeroed in on NBC’s poll putting Trump ahead, which marked the primary presen that specific ballot did so. However, the overdue night time host tried to stick peace, reminding audience as soon as once more that the election remains to be a pace away, and Trump has a batch of time in the courtroom ahead of him.

“I’m staying calm, cool, confident, collected. That’s just the new me. The new Seth,” he mentioned breezily. “I don’t wear a suit, I don’t cut my hair, I don’t freak out about polls a full year before the election.”

That mentioned, Meyers had one more reason for no longer having another on-air meltdown.

“The other reason I’m not worried is that, if Trump does win, I have a go bag, so I can get the f— out of here,” Meyers joked, turning to handle a close-up cam. “I got my passport, a change of clothes, $10,000 in cash and a webcam, so I can do the show from a country that won’t extradite to the U.S.”

The host joked that he leaves his bag underneath his table within the studio, so he can clutch it briefly always, and in addition as a result of he trusts his workforce to not thieve his cash. Naturally, the digicam nearest panned to Wally the cue card man, who had very obviously stolen mentioned cash.

You’ll be able to monitor Seth Meyers’ complete “A Closer Look” branch within the video above.

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