Satisfying Dinners to Bridge Summer and Fall

Usually we’re here talking about recipes, but today I want to alert you to our freshly published Restaurant List for 2023the 50 restaurants across America that we’re most excited about over here at The New York Times. Members of the Cooking and Food teams travel all year long to scout restaurants for this annual list. It is thrilling and delicious, and I hope you’ll take a look.

But you have to eat dinner tonight, and I think the five dishes below are exceptionally good. And now, for a limited time, you can view these recipes at no cost, along with about 22,000 others. Just download the NYT Cooking app to start your free trial (iOS users can download it herewhile Android users can use this link).

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1. Skillet Chicken With Peppers and Tomatoes

Yewande Komolafe makes one-pan magic with saucy bell peppers, onions and cherry tomatoes. This new recipe cooks entirely on your stove — no oven — and seamlessly bridges summer and fall.

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2. Cumin and Cashew Yogurt Rice

This is creamy comfort food by way of South India, but made with a few nontraditional ingredients that Priya Krishna keeps in her kitchen in New York. The combination of textures makes this dish especially satisfying (though the easy, fast prep doesn’t hurt, either).

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3. Salmon and Tomatoes in Foil

For this crazy simple recipe, Mark Bittman takes the French method of cooking food in parchment (en papillote) and swaps it out for tinfoil. Use parchment paper if you happen to have it around, but you won’t be disappointed if you follow this recipe to the letter.

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4. Roasted Broccoli With Vinegar-Mustard Glaze

Maybe you’re thinking, “Emily, this is not dinner?” But it could be if you scooch some of the broccoli over to one side of the pan and add a few salted, boneless chicken thighs, brushed with olive oil, or maybe some white beans. Or both! Add a second pan if the first gets too crowded. The recipe is by Ali Slagle, so you know it’s user-friendly.

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5. Za’atar and Labneh Spaghetti

Success is in the details in Ham El-Waylly’s new, extremely simple recipe, so be sure to read the steps before cooking so your sauce is creamy as can be. If you can’t easily get labneh, use Greek yogurt; the spice mix za’atar, made with sesame seeds and dried herbs, is easier to find in the United States than ever before (or you can make your own).

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