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Sarah Pidgeon

Jim Pidgeon and Julie Caroff are Sarah Pidgeon’s parents respectively. During her time in the workforce, Julie served as an assistant to a United States attorney

Caleb Harper is Sarah’s boyfriend at the moment, and they are in a relationship together. Will Harrison, an actor, was a former romantic interest of hers.

Sarah is an actress who was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on July 7, 1996. She is most known for her performance as Leah in the film The Wilds, which is available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

In 2018, the actress received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater and an acting degree from the Carnegie Mellon University School of Drama, where she had previously fulfilled her graduation requirements.

Sarah was awarded a scholarship to help her with her studies, and in 2017, she was also the recipient of the Helen Wayne Rauh Acting Award at Carnegie Mellon University.

Since her days in school and college, Sarah has maintained an active career in acting. She had appeared in the play “A Bright Room Called Day” that was staged at her university.

Gotham (2018), The Wilds (2020), and One Dollar are just a few of the noteworthy projects that the actress has participated in up to this point (2018).

Despite the fact that Sarah has only been working in the entertainment sector for a few years, she has already given some outstanding performances and won some honors. She was awarded the Maddy Young Artist Award by the Interlochen Center for the Arts not once, but twice, in 2011 and 2014.

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The stories of Sarah’s successful weight loss are frequently shared on social media. She maintains her health and fitness by going to the gym on a regular basis and engaging in various forms of exercise.

Caleb Harper

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Sarah Pidgeon: Boyfriend Caleb Harper

Sarah Pidgeon and her boyfriend, Caleb Harper, are enjoying a happy and fulfilling relationship at the moment. Harper is a member of the band Spacey Jane, which is an Australian indie rock band.

Since 2016, Caleb Harper has served as both the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist. His first album, Sunlight, landed in the top two on the Australian Record Industry Association chart. Relationships served as a primary source of motivation for Harper during the recording of the album.

Processing her feelings and the events of her life is where Harper finds her inspiration. Caleb has, to this point, issued a total of two studio albums, titled Sunlight and Here Comes Everybody, in addition to a number of singles.

It’s been a long day in the year 2022, and Harper and Sarah have worked together on a single project. During the height of the Covid epidemic, the song was penned.

A lyrical and visual representation of Sarah and Caleb together appears in the song. In the music video, Sarah is shown trying to comprehend what is going on in Harper’s mind while simultaneously experiencing feelings of depression. This is due to the fact that Harper played a role who is somewhat hopeless and reckless in the video.

Following the completion of the project, the two of them began a love relationship with one another.

Instagram is a platform that Harper frequently uses. He posts a few images on his Instagram account that show the two of them spending quality time together. It is appropriate that Jake address her girlfriend as her highness.

Sarah Pidgeon: Relationship

There were rumors circulating that Sarah Pidgeon was dating the actor Will Harrison. Despite this, they never publicly discuss their relationship in any official capacity.

Will Harrison is an actor who has achieved widespread renown thanks to his performances in the movies Venefica (2016), Madam Secretary (2014), and This Is a Film About My Mother (2022).

Due to the fact that Sarah has provided Will Harrison with photographs of her. The fact that she is dating Caleb Harper puts an end to the speculation that the two of them are involved in a romantic relationship. Sarah and Will are merely good friends.

Sarah Pidgeon: Parents

The younger daughter of Jim Pidgeon and Julie Caroff, Sarah Pidgeon was named after her mother. Annie Pidgeon is her older sister and they are both Pidgeons. She comes from a kind and encouraging home.

Because Sarah Pidgeon does not openly discuss her father, information on him is not currently accessible on any of her social media accounts.

The mother of Sarah Pidgeon is a former assistant who is now retired.

Over the course of more than 35 years, Sarah Pidgeon’s mother Julie Caroff served in the capacity of Assistant to the United States Attorney.

According to an Instagram post by Sarah, Mrs. Pidgeon stepped down from her role on January 30, 2015 and retired.

In 1978, she received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Bryn Mawr College after completing her studies there. In addition to that, she earned a Doctor of Law degree from the University of Michigan in the year 1982.

According to Julia’s LinkedIn profile, she is a member of the American Conifer Society as well.

Additionally, Julia Pidgeon can be seen sharing her activities on Instagram, where she is active.

Sarah Pidgeon is a well-known name in American theater. Her breakout performance as Leah Rilke in the drama-streaming television series The Wilds is mostly credited for catapulting her to popularity.

She has also appeared on Gotham and One Dollar, among other television series.

Sarah is a well-known figure on several social media platforms. As of the month of March 2022, Sarah Pidgeon’s Instagram account has more than 150.000 followers.

Due to the fact that the actress entered the world on July 7th, she is a member of the Cancer zodiac sign. Sarah was born in the year 1996 in the city of Wellington, which is located in New Zealand. In the year 2020, Sarah Pidgeon will have reached the age of 24.

The moon presides over the sign of Cancer, which is represented by the crab. It is intuitive, sensitive to emotions, and primarily psychic in nature.

Once a Cancer decides to befriend someone, that person will have a friend for the rest of their life, despite the fact that Cancers may give the impression of being distant and prickly at first.

Cancer patients require some form of creative outlet, such as reading, writing, drawing, or even just plain old fashioned reading.

In addition, Cancer thrives when they have the sense that they are connected to a higher power and may find solace in the activities of spirituality or religion.

Crabs are good at studying and copying those around them, and despite the fact that they can be intense, they also have a comic side and a sharp sense of humor. Crabs live in groups called herds, and each herd has its own leader.

Sarah Pidgeon
Sarah Pidgeon

Sarah Pidgeon: Bio

Sarah Pidgeon’s birthday is July 7th, and she was born in Wellington, New Zealand, in 1996. She came from a prosperous Christian household that she belonged to. Her name was Emila Elco, and her childhood best friend’s name was Emila Elco.

She went to a private school that was conveniently located near her home called the Academy of the Sacred Heart. During that time period, Pidgeon kept up his involvement in a wide variety of art-related activities.

After that, she attended Carnegie Mellon University, which is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest educational institutions, and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting.

In addition, the actress received her education at Interlochen Arts Academy and the London Drama Centre.

Her mother, Julie Caroff, and her father, Jim Pidgeon, were her primary caregivers throughout her upbringing in Wellington, New Zealand.

It is still not quite clear what her father does for a living from what can be seen on the internet, despite the fact that her mother served as an Assistant United States Attorney for more than 35 years.

In addition, Sarah has a sister who goes by the name “Julia Anne Pidgeon.” We are under the impression that she does not have a brother.

She has always had a strong interest in drawing ever since she was a toddler. It is likely that she has continued to pursue that pastime even after all these years.

Sarah Pidgeon
Sarah Pidgeon

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Sarah Pidgeon: Professional Life

Instagram is the source of the image of Sara Pidgeon.

The well-known personality, who is only 24 years old, has appeared on a number of popular television shows. In 2018, the actress made her first appearance on screen in the television program “One Dollar,” which was created by Craig Zobel.

She was portrayed as a Party Girl in one of the episodes of the Garrett Drimmer show.

In the next year, 2019, this up-and-coming sensation appeared in Bruno Heller’s “Gotham.” She was given the opportunity to play the supporting role of Jane Cartwright or Jane Doe.

Sarah made a cameo appearance in the episode of The Legend of the Dark Knight titled “Nothing’s Shocking.”

Nevertheless, “The Wilds,” her most recent program, is largely responsible for the notoriety she currently enjoys. The great success of the series can be attributed to Sarah Streicher, who created it and made it available on Amazon Prime Video.

Leah Rilke is the name of the character that is portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon and who is an essential component of the program. She uprooted her life and moved there specifically so that the show could be filmed there.

It is a dramatic online series that originates in the United States. The story centers on a group of young women and their struggle to live on a deserted island after their plane is forced to make an emergency landing there.

Rachel Griffiths, playing the role of Gretchen Klein, Mia Healey, playing Shelby Goodkind, Reign Edwards, playing Rachel Reid, and Shannon Berry, playing Dot Campbel, are the principal actors in The Wilds.

The role of Martha Blackburn is played by Jenna Clause, while Toni Shalifoe is portrayed by Erana James, and Fatin Jamdani is portrayed by Sophia Taylor Ali.

Sarah Pidgeon
Sarah Pidgeon

Sarah Pidgeon: Career

  • Let’s have a conversation about Sarah Pidgeon’s relationship and her partner, shall we? The majority of renowned people are careful to shield the details of their private and romantic lives.
  • We put a lot of time and effort into investigating Sarah Pidgeon’s past relationships, but our efforts were fruitless. Since this is the case, it is safe to presume that she is not currently in a relationship of any kind.
  • She avoids any situation that could be construed as controversial in order to protect her professional reputation. She stays away from any press that can be unfavorable.
  • According to the posts she has on social media, she has a deep affection for pizza and is very attached to her dog.
  • In addition to that, she possesses a great deal of expertise with regard to the international phonetic alphabet. She has a softer side that she shows when she watches animated movies, and Finding Dory is her favorite.

Sarah Pidgeon
Sarah Pidgeon

Sarah Pidgeon: Net Worth (2023)

The revenue that Sarah Pidgeon receives comes from a number of different places, but her primary source of income is social media, and she has amassed a sizeable quantity of money as a result of her involvement with various social media accounts.

She asks a fair price for sponsorship, but the amount ultimately paid is contingent not only on the nature of the sponsorship but also on the scope of her following (followers).

It is estimated that she has a net worth of more than fifty thousand dollars. Her monthly income is somewhere between two and three thousand dollars in US currency.

As of the year 2021, her net worth was forty thousand dollars (USD). As a result, she is in a position to experience highly consistent monetary growth, and it is possible that during the next two to three years, her net worth will surpass $100,000.

Sarah Pidgeon: Height and Weight

She takes her own advise regarding fitness and nutrition, and as a consequence, she has flawless skin, hair that is lustrous, a trim waistline, a beautiful body, and an overall lovely appearance.

This provides an answer to a question that is frequently asked by Sarah Pidgeon’s supporters and fans: she is 5 feet, 5 inches tall (or 160 centimeters).

In addition, Sarah Pidgeon weighs 54 kilograms (119 pounds), has brown eyes and hair, and has brown eyes.

Sarah Pidgeon: Pet

Sarah Pidgeon nowdays feeding squirrel.

Sarah Pidgeon Profile Summary
Name Sarah Pidgeon
Birth Date 7 July 1996
Birth Place Wellington, New Zealand
Height Feet & Inches: 5’5”
Centimeter: 160cm
Meter: 1.60m
Weight Kilograms: 54kg
Pounds: 119Lbs
Net Worth $50,000
Profession Actor
University Carnegie Mellon University
Father Jim Pidgeon
Mother Julie Caroff
Sibling Julia Anne Pidgeon
Marital Status Unknown
Nationality American-New Zealander

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