Rohit Bal, Anju Modi to Varun Bahl, Designers Come Together To Raise Funds To Empower Women and Children

Celebrated fashion designers Rohit Bal, Anju Modi, Varun Bahl, Reynu Taandon, Rina Dhaka, Pria Kataaria Puri and Poonam Bhagat will showcase their respective creations at Fashion for a Cause, a fundraiser hosted by NGO Lakshyam.

The event marks the 10th-anniversary celebrations of the NGO and will see the designers raise funds that will go into empowering underprivileged women and children. The event’s main highlight is the fashion show, where the children from the NGO will sashay the ramp with celebrities from the fashion world.

Hosting a show post-pandemic, Raashi Anand, founder of Lakshyam, is elated to be back. When asked what makes this year’s event special, she says, “We are happy to complete 10 years of Lakshyam. This year, the show is important since we are doing it post-pandemic. Though initially, it was tough to put the show together today we are happy to announce that 50 individuals have come forward and will be walking the ramp, 14 brands have joined hands as partners and seven top designers of India are helping us create awareness, advocacy, and funds for our new location in Kirby Place, Delhi.”

Started and founded by Raashi Anand in 2012, Fashion for a Cause by Lakshyam brings various prominent designers, celebrities, and other individuals from diverse fields under one roof, to raise funds for the education of less-privileged children.

Fashion designer Varun Bahl who has been associated with the NGO in the past is thrilled to showcase his designs this year as well. Varun says, “I am so thrilled to be involved in Lakshyam for the eighth time in a row. Lakshyam is an absolutely wonderful organization and I truly believe in its ideology and work, and its aim to empower women and children via awareness, initiation, and action. I am delighted to be able to contribute and do my part, by presenting my latest couture collection New Leaf, which aims to take Indian couture on a global scale, at the Lakshyam ‘Fashion for a Cause’ fundraiser.”

For fashion designer Anju Modi associating with Lakshyam allows her to convey her gratitude to the community for its generosity and constant encouragement throughout the years. “It is a way to celebrate together my biggest strengths, which is love for fashion and textiles and the society that has been so welcoming to me. Fashion for a cause is a wonderful event that gives us the privilege to share the love we’ve received with the beautiful people at Lakshyam,” expresses Anju Modi.

A sketch from fashion designer Anju Modi’s creation which she will be presenting at the show.

Anju Modi’s collection celebrates the individual and tends to bring out their personality through clothing. “Our silhouettes in tones of ivories, blue and purple etc are designed in order to radiate the individual’s inner self,” adds Anju.

Fashion designer Pria Kataaria Puri will be presenting a collection inspired by Istanbul Iznik tiles. The runway will come alive in vintage colours featuring marigold yellow, pista green, lush green, sunset pinks, reds, pale sky blue, twilight cobalt blue, and black.

Calling it an honour to be part of such a good cause, Pria says, “It’s an honour and privilege to be a part of the Lakshyam charity fashion show. We are collectively responsible for the well-being of the underprivileged. The future belongs in the hands of our children. Their education and welfare are essential in paving the way to a brighter tomorrow.”

Fashion for a Cause will be held on September 25th, at The Dhan Mills, Chhatarpur New Delhi, at 8 pm.

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