Reasons Some Voters Continue Supporting Greedy Politicians!


After that, his four years in office, as President of the United States, seemingly, many volumes have been written about Donald Trump, as a man, a leader, and a government official, etc. Whether anyone supports or opposes him, it should be noted, however, that he was defeated in the 2020 election, by more than 7 million votes, his staunch supporters, perhaps, the strongest believers, of any politician, in recent American history! However, we also testify, many other politicians, who, consistently, set their own priorities, their personal / political agenda, and / or, their interests, before profit, etc.! With that in mind, this article will try, briefly, look at, evaluate, review and discuss, for 5 reasons, with some voters going on, supporting greedy politicians. 1. Follow unfaithfully and trust: It seems that most people, blindly, follow, and always, trust those who are called, their elected representatives! In the 2020 election, we saw one of the biggest, the most voting voters, and, even then, it was only 65%! Who can remember, the previous President, always, referring to anything, disagreeing with him, and / or, on his agenda, like Fake Facts? Political facts – the inspectors, the country, Trump lied, to an alarming, insignificant rate, but, apparently, his main supporters, did not care! 2. Political maturity: Too often, many voters believe in the demise of politics, are constantly, and bombed – with! Why are they so few, so indifferent, to distinguish, in the midst, of politics, and truth? How is it possible for people, to continue to support, government / elected officials, to ignore it, which seems to be their interests, in order to advance their political agenda, etc. 3. Idols – worship: The elected officials are people, not, super – people! Unfortunately, there are too many, who allow politicians, to be held at the grassroots level, instead, to ensure, that no one is above the law! It is better to choose one, than the other, but, do so, depending on facts, methods, actions, and ideas, instead of speech, promises, and prejudice / fear! 4. Prejudice / Discrimination: Many experts say that more people vote based on their fears, prejudices and prejudices, rather than those who have all the controls, who face appropriate, permanent challenges! Unfortunately, we testify, elect people, focus, on voting, instead of representing, and work! 5. Do not accept real facts: Where, conspiracy theorists, and theorists, often, receive recognition beyond the real facts, and – too many, often believe, these claims, how do they benefit the nation, and our citizens? Although, each of us, entitled to our opinions, is not allowed, our collection of facts! Besides, until then, American political and electoral systems, becoming, more representative, and focused on working, the nation, and the masses, suffer! Get up, America, cast your vote, count, get better!

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