Razor Baddies West: Net Worth (2023), Major Boutique Collections, Career, Business, Trailer and More

Razor is the proud owner of two salons, which go by the names RazorBehavior Studio 1 and 2. She is the Chief Executive Officer of MajorCollectionsBoutique, the company that was responsible for the extravagant and modern Bew looks

The total assets owned by Razor Baddies West amount to one million dollars. Razor is able to support herself financially thanks to the fact that she runs two salons and makes appearances on television.

She makes an appearance on the show Baddies West on the Zenus Network, where she co-stars with Natalie Nunn, Gia Mayhem, Biggie, Suzzanne Stunna Brown, Sky High Baby, Tommie Lee, Catya Washington, Loren Jordan, and a number of other models.

The first episode of the show aired on The Zeus Network on January 22, 2023 at 8:00 p.m. You can catch a glimpse of these lovely ladies in a variety of cities, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Oakland, and Portland, among others.

Razor Baddies West

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Razor Baddies West: Net Worth (2023)

The member of Baddies West known as Razor has a net worth of one million dollars. Razor is a successful businesswoman who owns two salons as well as a clothes brand.

She has a salary that is comparable to that of Natalie Tynika Nun, who is the executive producer of Baddies and the Bad Boys. According to CelebrityNetworth, Natalie Cosmetics’ Chief Executive Officer has a net worth of one million dollars.

Chrisean Rock, the CEO of The Blue Rock Network, earns less than she does on a yearly basis in comparison to her.

Razor has multiple sources of income thanks to the fact that he owns two salons and brands garments. An early bird fee is an additional charge, and the client is required to make a deposit of $55 between the hours of 6 and 8 in the morning, Tuesday through Friday.

They added an additional $65 to the bill for after-hours service, which ran from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

They are need to make first contact with the stylish initially for both sessions. If a client came in with an oily material still in their hair, the salon charged them an additional $25 but did not include the cost of a shampoo. In addition to this, they expect an additional payment of $35 for every Swan purchased after the initial three bundles.

Razor Baddies West: Who Is She?

Razor was spotted in a bar while dressed in lavish attire, which included a handbag and a pair of Red long boots. Even more, she adorned herself with bling, including a ring and two necklaces.

She purchased a high-quality strap west trainer from her girl’s company, Bratz Shapers, in October 2022 for approximately $121.50. She wears this trainer everywhere she goes, including on holidays and in spas.

The successful businesswoman invests her money in keeping up her appearance. Her braids from the African braiding center were knot-free and beautiful.

Knotless braids start at $250 according to Blessing Hair Braiding, but the total cost is determined by the length of the client’s hair. She had long hair and cost significantly more than the typical person would.

She appears with daily makeup, which in Washington, District of Columbia, costs an average of $30 per hour to do. As a direct consequence of this, she shells out more than ten thousand dollars on a cosmetics artist.

In spite of the fact that she consults with Lady Picasso, a cosmetic artist and nail technician based in Washington, DC, for her makeup, she occasionally favors doing business from the comfort of her own home.

The reality star showcased her lavish lifestyle on her Instagram account, where she was frequently seen posing in a variety of high-end clothing and accessory labels. She has even stated that her supporters are allowed to regard her like a Top Tier.

Razor Baddies West
Razor Baddies West

Razor Baddies West: Career

Razor is able to support herself financially thanks to the fact that she appears on Baddies West and also sells the clothing of high-end companies.


She has been the proprietor of two salons, both of which were locations of the RazorBehavior Studio franchise. In 2021, they celebrated the launch of their second salon, which was situated in the D.C. metropolitan region.

Razor Behavior Studio

The stylists at the salon are experts in providing precise cuts and waves. They carried out the job after the scheduled appointment and demanded additional payment for the many services they offered.

While Razor is showing off her Frontal Wig Install in her salon, RazorBehavior Studio, she is wearing a messy bun hairstyle. In the salon, each hour will set you back $340.

Her salon offered a variety of hair care treatments, including coloring, trimming, additional hair, natural hair, short hair, and weaves.

There are three levels of coloring: whole hair, which costs $275.00 per hour, partial coloring, which costs $185.00, and highlights, which take 50 minutes and cost $225.00.

When it came to cutting, they charged $90 for a trim down that took 30 minutes, $270 for a transformation cut that included a relaxer, $100 for a short and sassy pixie cut, $225 for a transformation cut that did not include a relaxer, and $280 per hour for a complete razor transformation with color added.

There is an additional charge of $60 for hair maintenance, and an additional charge of $110 for a reboot treatment and style of the client’s choice.

In addition, natural hair services include a Bubble Ponytail, which costs $170, a Sleek Ponytail, which costs $160, and a Silk Press, which costs $115.

The price of a service for short hair can range anywhere from $60 to $70, depending on the hairdo. The frontal sewed costs $340 per hour, the full lace wig install costs $325, and the blunt bob costs $300. These prices reflect the high cost of the weave services.

Razor Baddies West
Razor Baddies West

Razor Baddies West: Major Boutique Collections

She is the proprietor of the clothing line MajorCollectionsBoutique, which sells a variety of dresses from various designers at prices ranging from as low as $25 to as much as $52 per item.

Razor worked as a model for her clothes line, which allowed her to expand her appearance with the addition of Sky. At MajorCollectionsBoutique, the dress went for $15 before it was purchased and sold out.

Mocha, Blue dream, Tight Figure, Top Notch, Miami Takeover, and Jayda can all be purchased for $20, while Ricky Dress can be purchased for $42 and ‘Wait Ahminute’ can be purchased for $52.

The price of a top can range anywhere from $19.99 to $55, with the Tropical Breeze Oversized Top being the most expensive at $42.99 and UnderStatment being the least expensive at $46.85.

The price range for Bottom is from $15 to $70, with the enticing option costing only $15 and the Mulatto Patched Pants going for $70.

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Razor Baddies West: Television

Razor is featured in the reality show Baddies West and is able to get additional revenue as a result of her participation in the show.

It was stated by some Redditors that Natalie and Tanisha each received $10,000 for their appearance on the first episode.

As a direct consequence of this, the CEO of Paynes Fitness makes between $10,000 and $15,000. Sarah and Christina each won $5,000 for their work as the show’s producers, while the other females each received $2,000.

During an episode of the reality show Baddies West, Razor made an appearance. She referred to herself as exceptional and in the top tier.

According to Business Insider, the reality stars made anything from $1,500 to $3,000 per episode. Because of this, the show’s regular female was paid $3,000 for each episode that she appeared in.

Baddies West: Plot

The long-awaited debut of the television show Baddies West has arrived, and the countdown to its beginning is now officially finished.

The premiere of the program has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the show, who have been speculating on whether or not it would be as popular as the show’s previous iteration. One question that still needs to be answered is regarding the possibility of a second season.

At this point, there has not been any kind of final determination reached on the fate of Baddies West. Whether or whether the program will be renewed for a second season will most likely depend on how well the current season does.

The fact that the original Baddies show was so well received indicates, on the other hand, that the producers of Baddies West are probably counting on a successful attendance for the premiere of Baddies West.

It is likely that the creators of Baddies West initially had great hopes for the show given the popularity of the original version of the show.

Because the show is produced by the same studio that was responsible for producing the first iteration of the Baddies show, it is probable that the production team is familiar with the type of labor that was put into the first series.

They probably have a good understanding of the steps that need to be taken to achieve a successful second season.

Razor Baddies West: Timing

There is no shortage of reality television programs that are both enjoyable to watch and packed with exciting content.

If you are interested in watching reality series, we have some great suggestions for you. You should give this just premiered reality program, Baddies West, a shot and see if it’s something you’re interested in watching.

If you are interested in trying out any new series, then you should watch this Baddies West reality show because it features an outstanding concept, many great story twists, and even the cast and crew members of the Baddies West show are just amazing.

Razor Baddies West
Razor Baddies West

Baddies West: Where To Watch?

You’ve arrived to the right place if you’ve been keeping yourself occupied by thinking about when the next episode of Baddies West will air.

Baddies West is an exciting and action-packed spy show that follows the adventures of the Baddies, an elite team of undercover agents working to take down criminals and villains throughout the world.

Baddies West follows the Baddies as they travel the world in search of criminals and villains to bring to justice.

Discovering where you can watch Baddies West is of the utmost importance right now, as the launch of the show will take place very soon.

The series will be accessible via a variety of streaming sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, in addition to cable and satellite television providers. You may also buy the show through digital distribution platforms such as Google Play, iTunes, and Amazon.

Baddies West: Trailer

You can watch the trailer on YouTube, that’s for sure. If you are interested in viewing this trailer, the promotional video can be seen down below.

Baddies West: Review

  • The anticipation among viewers is at a fever pitch as the first episode of Baddies West gets closer and closer to its debut.
  • Fans are eagerly expecting the show’s release date, time, and complete spoilers; despite this, the show has already produced a buzz on social media and the internet.
  • The actors, who have been touring in order to fulfill their promotional obligations, have also contributed to the building of their own personal buzz.
  • The show appears to be a hit, and fans can only hope that there will be a second season, even though the rating has not yet been assessed by reviewers and experienced viewers.
  • For those who are interested in getting a sneak peek at the new show Baddies West, the pilot episode will be made available for streaming on the official website of the network.
  • So, let’s start the countdown to the launch of Baddies West Episode 1 and count down the days and nights until then!

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