Quordle 342 answer for January 1: First puzzle of 2023! Check Quordle hints, clues, solutions

Quordle 342 answer for January 1: Quordle has come up with a tough puzzle right on the first day of the year. If you want to start the year with a win, use these Quordle hints, clues and solutions first.

Quordle 342 answer for January 1: Quordle has started on its shenanigans right on the first day of the new year. Today’s puzzle is filled with tricks and traps and if you fall for them, your dreams of building a large winning streak this year will come to an early and untimely end. So, you need to be careful. And if you want to ensure that you do not lose the puzzle, you need to take a look at these Quordle hints and clues. They have been carefully curated to give you a big advantage in the game. And if you’re on your final attempts and cannot afford to figure out the clues, then you can simply scroll to the bottom and check the solution.

Quordle 342 hints for January 1

Two of the words today contain repeated letters. But that’s not the end of the challenge for you. There are multiple uncommon letters and two of the words are pretty obscure and if you have not heard of them, it will be quite tricky to solve. But do not fret. Just take the help of the clues below.

Quordle 342 clues for January 1

  • Today’s words begin with the letters S, A, E and V.
  • The words end with E, E, S and D.
  • Word 1 clue – to take hold of something suddenly and firmly; to grab something
  • Word 2 clue – behave in a way that belittles or degrades someone
  • Word 3 clue – the set of moral beliefs, attitudes, habits, etc., that are characteristic of a person or group
  • Word 4 clue – supported by objective truth or generally accepted authority
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These were your clues. We urge you to carefully go through them and think about it for a moment. If you look carefully, you’ll find that you already know one of the repeated letters before even attempting to solve the puzzle. And if you need more assistance, then simply scroll down for the solution.

Wordle 342 answer for January 1

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read ahead if you do not want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:

  1. SEIZE
  2. ABASE
  3. ETHOS
  4. VALID

We hope you were able to solve this tricky puzzle. We wish you a very happy new year! Make sure to check this space again tomorrow for more hints and clues.

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