Prakash Padukone Or ‘Deepika Padukone’s Father’: Fresh Social Media Debate

Prakash Padukone watched the match in Ahmedabad with daughter Deepika

New Delhi:

Pictures of badminton legend Prakash Padukone with daughter and actor Deepika Padukone at the cricket World Cup final yesterday sparked an intense debate on social media.

Several badminton fans flagged posts referring to Mr Padukone as “Deepika Padukone’s father”, pointing out that he is a legend in his own right. Others disagreed and said Mr Padukone would be proud to be referred to as Deepika’s father.

Mr Padukone accompanied daughter Deepika and son-in-law, actor Ranveer Singh, to Narendra Modi stadium in Ahmedabad for the India vs Australia World Cup final yesterday. Team India lost the match by six wickets, its only World Cup defeat after 10 wins in a row.

Badminton fans posted ‘corrected’ versions of the caption, adding Prakash Padukone’s name. Author Arnab Ray commented that it’s a “sad day when Prakash Padukone has to be introduced as merely ‘Deepika Padukone’s father’.

Others disagreed and said an unnecessary fuss is being created. “I don’t understand this fuss! I am sure Prakash Padukone is immensely proud of his daughter and this introduction!” a user wrote.

Mr Padukone, now 68, was ranked World No.1 in badminton in 1980. That year, he also became the first Indian to win All England Open Badminton Championships. He is a recipient of the Padma Shri. He later co-founded a not-for-profit with snooker legend Geet Sethi to create better opportunities for Indian athletes to compete at the global level.

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