Photo Of Ice Flowers On A Chinese River Leaves Internet Amazed

Since being shared, the post has received over 36,000 views.

The beauty of nature is a source of inspiration for artists and designers and it surprises us in many ways. The internet is full of pictures and videos of the same to keep you mesmerised. In one such incident, Former Norwegian diplomat Erik Solheim shared a picture of a beautiful occurrence - "ice flowers" - on Songhua river in northeast China.

Mr Solheim took to Twitter to share the picture. It shows the river water gleaming brightly in sunlight. The rays reflect on the translucent ice structures that appear like flowers, enchanting the viewers. Since being shared, the post has received over 36,000 views and more than a thousand likes. "Wonderful! Ice flowers on Songhua River in northeast China," Mr Solheim captioned the photograph.

"WOW," said one user.

"Beautiful," said another one.

A third person said, "So beautiful and a real miracle of nature."

The formation of ice flowers is highly dependent on weather conditions and are most commonly found on shrubs, as per People's Daily China. After admiring these stunning ice flowers, one cannot help but marvel at nature's wonders.

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