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Popular Nigerian singer Paul Psquare known as Rudeboy has revealed his intentions towards a set of people after the election has ended.

The report has it that the gubernatorial election, which was held on the 18th of march, saw many mishaps and violence in Lagos state.

In response to the violence that certain individuals had incited and supported, the singer expressed his disapproval on his Instagram story.

Paul Psquare made it clear that he does not support this type of behavior and stated that he will no longer associate with those who approve of such mishaps. Trust has been broken, and as a result, he will not be sharing a table with these individuals.

The angry singer regarded these violence supporters as none humans, and he is sure to keep his distance.

“With all this threat, thugs, voters, suppression, tribalism, etc. After this election know this and know peace… I will not be eating in the same table with some of you… I will never trust some of you…my long spoon will always be available. some of you are not humans”, he wrote.

Peter Psqaure reveals what he will do to some of his colleagues after election
Peter Psqaure reveals what he will do to some of his colleagues after election
Peter Psquare slams APC Governors in an open letter

It will be recalled that Peter Psquare wrote an open letter to the APC Governors before the general election.

An increased number of celebrities became vocal, and conversations surrounding the impending elections intensified.

Peter Psquare posted on his Instagram story criticizing the desperation of APC Governors in response to the recent CBN policy to redesign the naira.

The post also accused the APC of causing hardship for over 133 million Nigerians and suggesting that the Governors are using poor masses as an excuse to avoid admitting their own personal financial motivations.

“Dear APC Governors, are you telling us that hardship started in Nigeria when CBN redesigned the naira? The same APC has put over 133 million Nigerians in multidimensional poverty in it 8 years. Its just 5 days to the elections. What’s with the desperation?” he noted.

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