On livestream, South Korean woman molested by ‘Indian’ man in Hong Kong

A South Korean woman was molested by a man in Hong Kong, allegedly an Indian. The incident was recorded on camera as the woman was live streaming. The incident took place on September 11.

In a video going viral on social media, the woman could be seen getting visibly uncomfortable as the man repeatedly forced her to go with him. The woman, a vlogger, was recording her trip to Hong Kong when the man approached her.

At first, he seemed to be asking her for help, but started forcing her later. “Listen, listen baby, come with me,” he kept saying to the woman while trying to grab her.

“Please don’t hurt my arm,” the woman said, after repeatedly saying “NO, NO, NO” to the man. However, he kept forcing her and went on to follow her down the stairwell of a subway.

At one point, the accused pinned her against the wall and continued to force her. When she yelled, “help me,” the man fled. The incident was broadcast as it happened and the woman’s followers started commenting.

The following video can be disturbing to watch. Viewer discretion advised:


Some users on social media have identified the man in the video as Amit Jariyal, a resident of Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. Seeking action against him, they asked Rajasthan Rifles, a restaurant in Hong Kong the accused used to work for, to take action against him. However, the restaurant released a statement saying he doesn’t work for them anymore.

“This individual is not part of the Rajasthan Rifles team or the Black Sheep community and has not been for one year. We deplore and do not tolerate this type of behaviour,” the statement read.

Source: Facebook/rajasthanrifles

The clip is viral and social media users are condemning the incident, seeking action against the accused. Some users on Reddit said law enforcement agencies should identify the man from the clip and arrest him.

“I know it’s easy for me to say but this needs reporting to the police. Even if she’s still shaken up, at least someone else can report him. He’s on camera with his mug in full view: this should be easy for the police,” a Reddit user said.

Users also shared screenshots of a Facebook profile, claiming it belongs to Amit Jariyal. “Lives in Hong Kong, From Kangra, Himachal Pradesh”, the profile reads.

Source: Twitter/@BrokeCryptoMaxi

The incident has sparked massive outrage and raises questions about the safety of women content creators. “Can anyone get the girl some support? This is a truly traumatic experience. People who experienced sexual harassment is a very high risk of developing PTSD,” a Reddit user wrote.

In December last year, a South Korean YouTuber was harassed by a man on the streets of Mumbai during her online live stream.

A video of the incident showed the accused grabbing the YouTuber by her hand and trying to kiss her while she was recording. Two men were later held in connection with the incident.

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Sep 12, 2023

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