NSF harassed his teachers, stalked his Navy superiors and told nurse she had ‘airport runway’ chest

SINGAPORE: A national serviceman harassed his former secondary school teachers, stalked his superiors in the Navy and insulted a nurse by telling her she had an “airport runway” chest.

Alvin Seah, 24, was last month sentenced by a court to 15 weeks’ jail, but he is appealing against the sentence.

The 24-year-old returned to court on Thursday (Dec 8) to ask about a curfew he thought he was under, but was told there was no curfew.

Seah had earlier pleaded guilty to eight charges including insulting the modesty of a person, unlawful stalking and using abusive words against a public servant. Another five charges were considered in sentencing.

According to court documents, Seah was an NSF with the Republic of Singapore Navy at the time of the offences.

In 2020, he became unhappy with his former secondary school teacher. From August to October 2020, he pretended to be the teacher in a Telegram chat group by using her photo.

Posing as the teacher, he offered sexual services to different people and gave them her contact number. 

As a result, the teacher received unsolicited phone calls from unknown parties asking about sexual services.

Pretending to be the teacher, Seah also sent an email to a fellow teacher from the same school.

The email was titled “For you” and included a photo of a group of naked men with their private parts exposed. 

Using the same email address, Seah sent another email to 51 staff members from the same secondary school. The email contained an image of a third teacher’s face superimposed onto an image of a naked woman.

Separately, Seah was posted to a certain squadron in the Navy in February 2020. That same month, his direct supervisor found out that Seah was moonlighting as a Grab Hitch driver while doing national service, which is illegal.

The supervisor flagged it to his superior, resulting in Seah being investigated and fined. 


Seah bore a grudge against his supervisor and decided to stalk him.

Between Aug 10 and Aug 29, 2020, Seah loitered outside his supervisor’s home on at least eight occasions. Grab records show that Seah took a private-hire vehicle to his supervisor’s place on five occasions.

He was caught on closed-circuit television (CCTV) loitering outside the home on three other occasions.

Seah was investigated for harassment in April 2021. An investigation officer took a statement from him that same month, but Seah was uncooperative.

He kept asking the officer about his other cases that were being investigated. The officer told him that he would have to contact the relevant investigation officer in charge to find out about the other cases.

In May 2021, Seah sent multiple messages to the officer, calling her “deaf b****” and saying things like “f*** u for giving me problem” and “serve the public and call me sir”.

While Seah was in the Navy, he became unhappy when he found out he was posted to be a storeman. He asked a head of manpower to post him to another unit which did not require him to do anything.

When this did not happen, Seah grew unhappy with the victim and harassed her by threatening to write something on her car.

He also threatened to puncture her car tyre and said he would harass her family.

Seah was dealt with for the acts of harassment, as well as other offences, in a military court. He was sentenced to 6 months’ jail, which he served in September 2021.

However, when Seah was released from prison in March 2022, he decided to again harass the same victim by stalking her. He called her phone twice and loitered outside her home twice.

On the second occasion on Mar 26, 2022, the victim was home when she heard her doorbell ring several times.

As it was late at night, she checked her CCTV and realised it was Seah. Because of his previous harassment, the victim feared for herself and her family, and called the police.

Police officers arrived and tried to interview Seah, but he was evasive and uncooperative. He repeatedly challenged the authority of the officers, raised his voice at them and taunted them by pretending to run away.

He was later arrested for disorderly behaviour.


On Mar 1, 2022, Seah went to Sengkang General Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department complaining of chest pains.

A staff nurse keyed in Seah’s details in the hospital’s computer system and saw in the notes that he had a history of requesting female nurses to apply cream on his private parts.

She arranged for a male colleague to attend to Seah and told her female colleagues on duty to be careful of Seah, as he had a history of making inappropriate requests to female nurses.

Seah inadvertently saw the comments under his profile in the computer system.

Angered, he started shouting at the nurse. The nurse called for security, but Seah kept shouting, asking her why she had put in such comments.

He then took out his phone and began taking a video of the nurse, while saying the following insulting words: “Flat chest”, “Changi Airport runway” and “I’m at the airport already, Changi Airport there, I’m going to board the plane, I have seen the airport runway, that’s why I video.”

The prosecution had asked for 14 to 21 weeks’ jail for Seah. On the harassment suffered by the nurse, the prosecutor said Seah’s reaction after seeing the notes was “entirely disproportionate” and “reeked of a guilty conscience”.

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