No more ruff days for your pup, DOGTV is now only $149 for life

After the surge in pet adoption over the past few years, owners are finding it tough to leave their fur babies behind when they return to work in the office. It’s hard to imagine what they might do when you’re gone and it’s even worse to think about how they might be bored or lonely. Worry about them a little less with DOGTV.

This streaming service for dogs curates soothing and exciting content to keep your pup entertained all day long for just $149 (reg. $839).

DOGTV is a 24/7 streaming service channel with three programs scientifically designed to provide a variety of content for your pups when they’re alone. Just turn on DOGTV before you leave to help your dog stay relaxed, happy, and stimulated until you’re back.

Your pooch can nap with calming scenes and soothing sounds in the background. Once they’ve had their beauty sleep, DOGTV’s stimulation programs can get them moving and keep their mind busy with playful sequences featuring dogs and other animals.

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One DOGTV program is designed to help train your dog to be more comfortable in their environment. Dogs can easily be startled by loud and sudden sounds like doorbells, sirens, thunder, or fireworks, especially when alone. DOGTV gives your dog limited exposure to these sounds to help them get less anxious when they hear them in the real world.

Content for DOGTV is created with your dog’s visual and auditory senses in mind. The colors on your TV, phone, or desktop device may look odd to you because they’re adjusted for your dog’s unique color vision. But you can still watch with them and see how much they enjoy the programs.

Take one thing off your mind when you’re out of the house by knowing your dog is busy sleeping or playing the day away. With lifetime access, you can play your dog’s favorite shows whenever you want.

Come home to a happy pup with a lifetime subscription to DOGTV for just $149 (reg. $839) for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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