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NHS safety watchdog sends warning over charging for GP appointments

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Charging for GP appointments will worsen patient safety and drive more people to A&E, the head of a national safety watchdog has warned.

Dr Rosie Beanworth, chief investigator at the Healthcare Safety Investigation Branch (HSIB), was responding to a suggestion by former health secretary Sajid Javid, who said the current model of the NHS was “unsustainable”.

He said an “extension of the contributory principle” should be part of radical reforms to tackle rising waiting times.

But Dr Benniworth said it would only lead more people to seek help from already overburdened services.

She said: “I don’t want to get into the politics around it, but I believe in the point of delivery NHS free and my concern would be [if] We allege people will not come forward quickly enough to seek their care and delay in presentations will result in people needing more urgent and emergency care.”

But Dr Beanworth, who was the former chief inspector of hospitals for the Care Quality Commission, said it was a “myth” that security in A&E was worsened by patients not reaching GP appointments.

“This is definitely a myth we need to dispel. We know that more people are using general practice than ever before and there are many more ways to be able to get support from your general practice.

Dr Bennworth said more attention needed to be paid to patient safety in services outside A&E, such as NHS 111 and preterm services.

it comes after Granthshala Revealed the crisis facing NHS111 services with patients waiting up to half a day for a callback.

He said Granthshala An upcoming report from the regulator will highlight concerns about how the deteriorating health of NHS staff is putting patient safety in emergency care at risk.

Speaking about the report, Dr Benniworth said: “There is already evidence of a link between how employees feel [and] Culture in an organization, how people are valued, and the consequences for patient safety.

Dr Bennworth added: “We are hearing about the frustration and distress of staff at not being able to do their jobs… I have worked in the health system for 30 years and I have never met anyone who is not I wanted to do the right things for people and I think it’s very upsetting when you can’t get the quality of care you want to give because of the environmental conditions you’re working in.”

“I think there is a risk to patient safety if people are working in a high-pressure environment … We know that sometimes some of the types of behavior that we see in poorer cultures are kind of amplified. When people are under a tremendous amount of stress in their workplace.

Dr Adrian Boyle, president of the Royal College of Emergency Care, said A&E nurses were leaving the NHS “in droves” following his warning.

The HSIB chief executive said “staff fatigue” can lead to situations where mistakes are made, can make more staff sick and also mean they don’t speak up about concerns because they are very busy.

Talking about the patient safety risks the NHS is currently facing, she said: “I think if we constantly focus on A&E and ambulances, and don’t pay the same attention to systems outside hospital , then I think we will need it can never rectify the situation.

“I think similarly, we need more attention to NHS 111 and out of hours services… they are vital in the urgent and emergency care pathway and yet, we do not have the same discussion [about them],

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