Meyers Says Trump Might ‘Endorse Obama’ Over GOP Challengers

With the 2024 presidential election getting closer, twice-impeached former president is turning hard on his party (or at least, those who have fallen out of step with him). It’s getting to a point where Seth Meyers thinks it’s not outside the realm of possibility for Trump to eventually backtrack his long criticisms of Barack Obama.

During his “A Closer Look” segment on Thursday night, Meyers mocked Florida governor Ron DeSantis for attracting “the bloodshot Eye of Sauron” as he potentially gets closer to announcing a presidential bid. And indeed, on Monday, Trump released a video railing on DeSantis, claiming that Florida was “doing great” long before he became the governor, and praising DeSantis’ predecessor, Democrat Charlie Crist.

Now, obviously, praising a Democrat is exceedingly out of the ordinary for the twice-impeached former president. But, Meyers argued, the video could be a pretty good indicator of things to come.

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“That video is such a funny preview of how Trump is gonna tear into all of his opponents,” Meyers said. “He’s already so mad at DeSantis, he’s praising the former governor of Florida, Charlie Crist, for doing a better job than DeSantis. Soon, Trump’s gonna be so desperate to attack his fellow Republicans he’s going to endorse Obama.”

Meyers then brought out his Trump impression to act out how that endorsement might go, and it included Trump backtracking his birtherism claims and actually praising the birth certificate of Obama. That said, Meyers then admitted something unexpected.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Donald Trump,” he said. “Everything people like about Florida was in place before Ron DeSantis. He didn’t do something magical and suddenly convince people they should move to a warmer climate, with beaches, golf courses, theme parks, low taxes, alligators on meth.”

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You can watch Meyers’ full “A Closer Look” segment in the video above.

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