RC Transfer: Make sure to get RC transfer done when you buy or sell an old car, otherwise you may get into trouble

RC Transfer For Used Cars: If you are buying or selling a used vehicle then you should keep many things in mind. One of the important things is that do not forget to transfer the RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicle. It is important to keep this thing in mind by both the vehicle buyer and the vehicle seller because, it is very important to transfer RC while buying or selling a vehicle. Failure to do so may land the car owner in trouble.

What will happen if RC transfer is not done?
Consider this as an example. Suppose you sold the car and did not get the RC transferred in the name of its new owner. Now the new owner of the car uses that car for wrong purposes, or if there is an accident, then the administration first looks for the same person in whose name the car will be registered i.e. whose name will be on RC or let’s say car. If only the challan is deducted, then even in such a situation the challan will reach the house of the person in whose name the car will be.

Who owns the car in the eyes of the law?
Actually, legally the real owner of the vehicle is considered to be the same in whose name the vehicle is registered. Therefore, always remember that while buying and selling a vehicle, do not forget to transfer the RC. Get this work done on priority. Driving without RC is considered illegal in India. There is also a provision of fine if caught doing so.

Where does RC transfer happen?
At present, many such platforms have come, where not only old vehicles are bought and sold, but the facility of RC transfer is also provided, so that the customers do not have to face any problem. However, if you want to transfer RC on your own, then you can do so from the concerned RTO. For this, at least both the old and new owners of the vehicle have to go to the RTO once. Necessary forms and documents have to be submitted.