Kitty squeezing its body to lean inside a narrow glass proves ‘cats are liquid’

You may have heard the saying ‘Cats are liquid’, owing to the fact that kittens can squeeze into small places or objects irrespective of their size. This adorable kitty is showing that the saying is indeed true. A video shows how the cat squeezes itself to lean inside a small glass.

The image shows a cat drinking water from a glass. (X/@TweetsOfCats)
The image shows a cat drinking water from a glass. (X/@TweetsOfCats)

The video is posted on X handle called “Tweets of cats”. The handle is filled with varied videos of kitties. From showing the loving side of the cats to capturing their naughty antics, the tweets on this page are simply amazing. This video of the cat leaning into a glass is one of them.

The clip opens to show a cat standing in front of a glass. Within moments, the cat puts its head inside the tumbler and then proceeds to squeeze in half of its body. And all this just to drink the water at the bottom of the glass.

Take a look at this cat video:

The video was shared some two days ago. Since being posted, the clip has gone viral. Till now, it has accumulated more than 4.7 million views, and the numbers are only increasing. The video has also collected several comments.

How did X users react to this cat video?

“This is the best thing I have ever seen,” posted an X user. “Cats are liquid. There’s no argument,” added another. “Always up to some shenanigans,” joined a third. “Smart. Genius cat?” wrote a fourth.


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