Kirti Kulhari on how her and Angad Bedi’s life has changed since Pink: ‘He is a father of 2 and I am separated, single again’

Kirti Kulhari will soon be seen in the short film The List with Angad Bedi and will soon play the role of robot-like humans in the film set to premiere on Amazon Mini TV. In an exclusive interview with Hindustan Times, Kirti revealed that she shouldn’t have blinked at all in the film, but she had conjunctivitis on the second day of the three-day long shoot. ,Also read: Kirti Kulhari: I am looking for the love of my life but it will take some time,

Keerthy also talked about the trigger that locked her in a relationship, and shared her thoughts on how mechanical people’s lives have become. Talking about the film, Keerthi said, “We have this tangible or intangible list in the form of social norms etc., almost as written for you – you go to school, get a job, get married, Have kids, they’ll then get married and have kids. The point of the movie is – are you able to make your own list, or does a list already exist that you need to follow like a zombie? Looks and behaves in the future but it is already our reality. We are turning into robots.”

Kirti said that the script of the film reminded her of Black Mirror. “Till the climax, there is no sound in the film, the characters are not talking at all. They are only doing things, they do everything but it is very mechanical and robotic. When I read the script, it gave me a Black Mirror feel Diya. It’s scary how they (characters in the film) deal with things. A black kind of energy that controls you.”

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