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Even though Jeopardy! can be a pretty serious quiz show, there are still plenty of lighthearted moments for both the players and host Ken Jennings. A recent episode showed off Jennings’ sillier side as he let a contestant know they’d given a wrong answer. 

Mark Fabros, Eric Kerr-Heraly, and Troy Meyer faced off against each other, with Meyer continuing a winning streak that had begun in the previous episode. When it came time for Final Jeopardy, some viewers thought the clue was pretty easy.

“Mike Post combined the sound of a slamming jail door, an anvil, and 100 men stomping on a floor for this series that debuted in 1990,” Jennings read. When it came time to answer, the host asked Kerr-Heraly for his guess. 

He had guessed “What is Home Improvement?” Kerr-Heraly’s answer was incorrect, which led Jennings to make a hilarious, questioning noise that sounded like if Tim Allen got his feelings hurt before saying, “Well, that’s not correct.” Kerr-Heraly ended up losing $2,000, knocking his total down to $5,600.

“That was a good attempt by Ken at the ‘hammmuph?’ vocalization,” one fan jokingly commented on a YouTube clip of the moment. We’re not sure exactly how to best spell out the iconic Tim Allen noise either.

The correct answer? Law & Order, which is famous for its “chung-chung” sound effect that comes at the end of the iconic theme song. Jennings, seemingly already in a…

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