“Is Lagos still a no man’s land?” Reno Omokri asks as he says the result so far from the Lagos governorship election makes him “very happy”

There is no human dead or alive that is more despicable and shameless as this fagot called omokri, you know as they say,there is something about poeples Name, how any parents decided to Name their child mokri even if by coincidence baffles me, the dog called omokri or mockery which ever way you call it is worst than a Margot, whatever he is smoking is very dangerous, that this desease in human form who even claim to be a pastor can not see any thing wrong in the daylight robery they call election in Nigeria is bewildering considering the fact that he is in the civilized part of the world and have witnessed the ways that real elections are conducted, this hudlum have zero value or principles, no wonder his home is in shambles, pastor my foot, this foolish man really missed his dog meat and is looking for and opportunity to relocate to Nigeria, even if it means licking the poo bank called thiefnubus oozing behind.

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