Instagram announces dynamic profile photo feature. Check details

Instagram has rolled out a dynamic profile photo feature, with which users will be able to add their Instagram avatar to their profile photo, and anyone visiting that profile will be able to flip between the two, seamlessly.

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“New profile pic, who this? Now you can add your avatar to the other side of your pic – and people who visit your profile can flip between the two,” the Meta-owned service announced in a Twitter post.

How to create avatar on Instagram?

(1.) Open the photo-sharing app on your smartphone or laptop.

(2.) Go to your profile picture (bottom right of the screen).

(3.) Tap ‘Edit Profile’ at the top, and then ‘Create Avatar.’

(4.) To select your digital self’s skin tone, click on ‘Get Started.’

(5.) Also, you can personalise it with hairstyles, outfits and more.

(6.) Finally, to create and save the avatar, tap ‘Done’ and ‘Save Changes.’

(7.) To edit it at any point, go to ‘Edit Profile’ and then, ‘Edit Avatar.’

Please note that if you have already created an avatar on Facebook, you can use that as well on Instagram, as both platforms have Meta as their parent company.

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