India’s Indri World’s Best Whiskey

Do you drink alcohol? Whiskey lover? If the answer is yes then this news is for you. India’s indigenous brand Indri Whiskey has won the title of the world’s best whiskey in the ‘Whisky of the World Awards’. Indian Single Malt has been awarded ‘Best in Show, Double Gold’.

Media reports According to , every year many big companies from all over the world participate in the ‘Whisky of the World Awards’ to prove themselves as the best whiskey company. This competition continues for several rounds. A panel of top tastemakers and influencers taste these whiskeys. After this, the best whiskey is selected from among the whiskeys entered in the competition.

‘Made in India’ Indri Whiskey Single Malt has proven itself to be the best whiskey by beating hundreds of international brands including Scotch, Bourbon, Canadian, Australian and British single malts. ‘Indri Diwali Collector Edition 2023’ has been awarded the title of ‘Best in Show, Double Gold’ at the ‘Whisky of the World Awards’. This win for Indri is a great testament to the quality and rapidly growing popularity of Indian whiskey across the world.

It has been only 2 years since whiskey brand Indri was launched. Despite this, it has won more than 14 international awards so far. Victory It’s over. Piccadilly Distilleries launched it in Haryana in the year 2021. In its first series, Indri launched a triple-barrel single malt. It was liked a lot.

After winning the title of having the best whiskey, Siddharth Sharma, founder of Piccadilly Distilleries, said in a statement. Said, “This is an exciting time for India. Indian whiskeys are not far behind. We are playing our role in the story of India.”

The price of Indri Whiskey varies in different states of the country. Its price in Maharashtra is Rs 5100 rupees Is. Whereas in Haryana, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Karnataka its price is around Rs 3100. Currently, Indri is available in 17 countries across the world and 19 states in India. Apart from this, its supply is going to start in some states of America and Europe from November this year.

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