In its final update for 2022, Telegram has announced several new features for its app. Users can now use features such as hidden media, zero storage use, new drawing and text tools, contact profile picture etc. to further enhance their experience with this instant messaging service.

The features were announced on Telegram’s official blog, on Friday. Here are the details:

(1.) Hidden media: Now, you can cover photos and videos with a shimmering layer that blurs the image. The image can be viewed with just one tap. This ability is in addition to spoiler formatting, which hides text in messages.

(2.) Zero storage usage: The app will take up next to no space on your smartphone. For this, you can remove media and documents from your device’s storage and re-download from your Telegram cloud at any time.

(3.) New drawing and text tools: The already powerful media editor has been fully redesigned. A new blur tool will redact sensitive data. Also, users get 5 high-precision ways to choose colours, and can change font, size and background of text.

(4.) Contact profile picture: These can be chosen for a contact while editing details of that contact, and only you will see the picture on that profile. The other person can add the image to their profile by tapping twice.

(5.) Public profile pictures: Only some contacts can view a user’s profile picture, if the user allows them to. In this case, for everyone else, the user can set a public picture.

(6.) Hide group members: Admins of groups with more than 100 participants can now hide the member list. This will allow an admin to know a participant was there, even if he/she does not send a message on the group.

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(7.) New progress animations (for Android): When jumping to a faraway reply in a busy chat, you can use some smooth new animations.

(8.) Emojis: For Premium subscribers, there are 10 packs of custom animated emoji, as a present from Telegram artists.

(9.) Topics for groups of any size: Regardless of the size of a group, Topics have been made available for all groups.

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