I moved into a tiny home after a devastating diagnosis – my risk paid off

A WOMAN took a risk and moved to a tiny home community after receiving a devastating cancer diagnosis – but says she’s now stress-free.

Marina moved from Florida to Tennessee after receiving a life-changing medical diagnosis and selling her house, to join the Incredible Tiny Homes Community.

Marina was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer which caused her to re-evaluate life and move to Tennessee


Marina was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer which caused her to re-evaluate life and move to TennesseeCredit: YouTube/Glorious Life On Wheels
Now in Florida, Marina lives in a tiny home and has never been happier


Now in Florida, Marina lives in a tiny home and has never been happierCredit: YouTube/Glorious Life On Wheels

“I said, this is the place that is going to heal me,” said Marina in explaining what was the final push to her moving.

In 2019, she was diagnosed with stage four metastatic breast cancer which carries a 28 percent five-year survival rate.

Marina said that in the two years between 2020 and 2022 she “knew that [she] needed a new life.”

That was when she began looking at tiny homes and came across the community she is in now.

After touring and thinking about the possibility, she took the plunge to move in July of 2022.

The move becomes all the more shocking when her interviewer divulges that Marina had never been to Tennessee until she moved there.

Despite the hundreds of miles move and not knowing anyone in the state, she has no regrets about making the life change.

“I’ve never been happier, my mortgage is paid off. Stress-free, I got everything I need. It may be a small space, but I love it. I just love it, I love the people,” said Marina.

In her old house, where she had lived for seven years, Marina said that she only really had one friend and barely interacted with the other neighbors.

The other big change from her last location is that she has downsized quite a bit.

Marina’s current home is 12 feet by 20 feet and holds everything she needs.

First up on her home tour was the living room area where there is a small loveseat across from a large tv mounted on the wall.

“I always wanted a fireplace, so I got me a fireplace, ” Marina pointed out with a smile the fireplace inset in a shelving unit underneath the television.

Behind her living room space, Marina has a full-sized bed bookended by a cabinet with a small open wardrobe for her clothing on the left side.

Lofted above the bed is an area for storage where Marina keeps bins of items that she does not need out day-to-day.

“I kept the things that I am using or are important to me,” she said about having to downsize to her current living situation.

She said that even after thinning out her belongings before moving, while she was unpacking, she had more to get rid of.

The bathroom is fully operational, with a shower, flush toilet, and small sink; Marina has added her own personal touch with quite a few plants that get their sun from a small window near the ceiling.

Marina also opted for a full washer-dryer setup that is right next to her kitchen, complete with a stovetop, sink, and refrigerator.

Her setup also comes with a monetary advantage, with a relatively low monthly energy bill of around $120 to $140 per month.

She also has a deck the length of her home, with a small table and beautiful rock landscaping to accompany her outdoor area.

Marina did not disclose her current health status but seems to be living life with a positive outlook as the documenting vlogger highlights.

“Unless she chose to share her story, you would never guess she was facing a very serious health challenge that would cause a lesser person to unravel. Marina is truly an example of courage and zest for living. It is hard to feel anything but happy around her,” reads the caption.

Commenters on the video were supportive of Marina’s life change and hopeful that it will lend itself to a recovery.

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“Eliminating stress is so important to boost wellness. She’s eliminated financial stress, has made a calm, zen space to live within, and has a terrific positive attitude. With that recipe, and faith, may she live a long, healthful life,” commented one viewer.

“A beautiful home. I love her positive attitude. I am starting over after health issues. Getting rid of stuff and a new beginning makes you feel free and opens your life up to endless possibilities,” wrote another viewer who related to Marina’s position in life.

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