I can assure you that chewing concrete as salad would be a child?s play- Oby Ezekwesili writes politicians who send criminal gangs to kill their citizens in their desperation for power

Dada , this is the foundation Nigeria was founded and built upon ,thuggery,bloodshed,military intimidation,. OBY NJOKWESILI should know that nothing about Nigerias establishment and founding is transparent and civil . So stop preaching about better Nigeria and start championing disintegration of the zoo bc every year ,month ,week, and day ppl are dying and mysteriously disappearing for no just reason . Nigeria has outlived it’s usefulness and purpose ,which is black race mediocrity and ignorance regarding slavery and colonization . every waking moment I’m faced with the reality that we blacks and Africans are wicked ,short fused , weak willed and mentally weak .our inferrority complex stinks to high heavens that’s why we are afraid of fighting for freedom and liberation . We know the truth but we don’t want to façe the truth .

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