Human Capital Index

Human capital is the biggest asset of any country and regular as also heavy investments in it to make it the most powerful resource of a country describes a country’s levels of scientific and prudent planning for holistic development. Of course, it can be measured as it is related to issues of health and education parameters ultimately to reckon the outcome of any capital loss due to lack of health and education infrastructure and facilities. Planning being an integral part of development of a country measuring the human capital index is necessary for shaping and supporting economic activity in each and every region to progress. With this brief prelude, it has to be noted how in the UT of Jammu and Kashmir , in the era of globalisation and digitization , innovative and reformist measures and new concepts are either taken casually with no zeal to own them fast or treated wilfully as optional . Equally , adequate awareness is missing and knowledge about such concepts are not vigorously made known at least in the concerned government departments