Huge blow for Putin as America hands Zelensky devastating ‘wonder weapon’

Defense officials have however conceded the US does not have a large stockpile of excess ATACMS as they are more expensive to provide to Ukraine than traditional artillery.

There has also previously been some resistance in Washington to send the “wonder weapon” because of fears it would widen the already brutal war with Russia.

During recent weeks, Joe Biden’s administration has significantly shifted its position on which it is going to send to Ukraine having previously been accused of being too slow when compared to other Western nations.

The White House initially withheld approval for requests for the likes of stinger anti-aircraft missiles, Howitzer artillery pieces, anti-ship missiles and HIMARS systems, before later giving them the green light.

Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelensky met at the White House on Thursday as Ukraine asks the West to send more devastating weapons to help it defeat Russia.

Mykola Volkivskyi – a former advisor to Ukraine’s Parliament was in Washington for the talks – had said the longer-range ATACMS missile system would be “crucial” for his country.

He told Daily Express US: “It is clear that the supply of weapons and an increase in their number will be the number one topic of the talks. I think that a new military aid package will be announced following the meeting.

“Announcements on ATACMS may come at the talks. I think Zelensky has every opportunity to convince Biden to hand over the missiles by showing him the course of events on the Ukrainian front.”

Mr Volkivskyi believes it is crucial to provide Ukraine with weapons such as anti-tank missiles, HIMARS, and M1A1 Abrams Tanks before the so-called mud season sets in the winter and fighting slows down.

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