How the color of this car changes according to the mood of the driver

BMW iX Flow Electric Car: In what can be called a global first, German automaker BMW unveiled the iX Flow SUV at the Consumer Electronics Show. (BMW iX Flow) Unveiled. The iX Flow can convert its exterior color to black and white to suit the mood of the driver and save power. While the IX Flow concept itself will not be made a production car, many aspects of the new design language will be implemented on future showroom models.

The BMW iX Flow is rapped in “digital paper”, which is the same material used in the Kindle e-reader’s screen. Color changing is induced by an electrical impulse, which makes it possible for the driver to change colours. The car does not require electricity to maintain its color and can be changed to white on sunny days and heat-absorbing black in cold weather, thereby increasing cabin comfort and driving range due to power conservation. it occurs.

Digital paper was originally developed by students at MIT’s Media Lab and works with traditional ink pigments used in the printing industry. The sheet contains millions of microcapsules, which are filled with negatively charged white pigments and positively charged black pigments. These capsules are driven by electricity which causes the ink of the chosen color to be carried on the surface, and become visible from outside.

BMW developed a triangle mash pattern using a generative algorithm to mold a plastic sheet, which was laser-cut into precise segments. Once the segments are applied and a power supply is connected to excite the electrical field, the entire body is heated and sealed to ensure uniform color reproduction during each color change.

Despite the fact that BMW has yet to announce plans to integrate this technology into its actual fleet, it is expected that the carmaker may adopt it for various parts of the car, especially the interiors. . This could include a color-changing dashboard which does not overheat, adding to the cabin appeal. BMW also said that the technology should not be too difficult to repair, making it more productive.