How many sheep are there in this pic? You have 5 seconds to count

Social media is filled with unassuming pictures that turn confusing because of the way they are clicked. These sheep gathered together inside an enclosure is a fine example of the pictures that challenge our perception of reality. Do you think you are smart enough to decipher the image and find out how many sheep it shows?

What are your thoughts on this optical illusion? (Reddit/@stagzBoston)
What are your thoughts on this optical illusion? (Reddit/@stagzBoston)

“How many can ewe count?” reads the caption shared with the picture on Reddit. The word “ewe” in the caption indicates that the animals shown in the picture are female sheep.

The pic shows a few sheep standing inside a metal enclosure. At first glance, it seems like there are two sheep standing near each other. However, as you observe the image more minutely, you realise that is not the case.

Take a look at this optical illusion:

The post was shared two days ago. Since being posted, the share has received more than 500 upvotes. The share has also prompted people to share varied reactions.

What did Reddit users say about the share?

“I fell asleep before I finished counting,” joked a Reddit user, referencing a mental exercise that some use to fall asleep. “3, possibly 4,” guessed another. “5? 3 heads. The body in the front seems to have its neck under the 2 heads to the left. I don’t also see the head of the owner of 2 legs on the right,” posted a third. “I don’t know, my maths is bad,” commented a fourth.

Are you still scratching your head in search of the answer? The original poster also took to the comments section to share a reply that will help. “The answer is 3! This was a temporary pen for the sheep shearing demonstration at The Big E in Springfield MA,” the Reddit user wrote.