Honours courses and flawed dispersal of colleges – Jammu Kashmir Latest News

Under the New Education Policy and for introducing and promoting Honours Courses, necessary infrastructure needed to be provided is selecting the existing colleges in Jammu and Kashmir for starting such courses. It is, however, unfortunate that more colleges for such Courses have been preferred in Kashmir as compared to in Jammu. This variation is not of any small proportion but as much as twice between the two regions which only points towards preferring Kashmir more than Jammu even in the area of educational facilities. However, the clarification in this regard that selection was made looking to the existing potential of such colleges holds little water and if any exercise to that effect has been conducted, that seems to have been not done scrupulously. The sessions, it is learnt, are going to be started shortly. However if it is true that this ”selection” was not final and was likely to change with scope for more colleges in Jammu provided with the Honours Courses, in that case necessary steps may be taken expeditiously.