Hidekaz Himaruya’s Sōri Club Manga Ends

Manga about Japan’s past prime ministers launched in January 2021

The November issue of Shueisha‘s Jump SQ. magazine published the final chapter of Hidekaz Himaruya and Ken’ichi Sakura‘s Sōri Club (Prime Minister Club) manga on Wednesday.

The manga centers on Daigo Hinata, a high school boy who worries about his future. One day, a well-dressed and well-mannered gentleman escorts him to the basement of Japan’s National Diet Building, where he is ushered into a posh room that houses prime ministers of Japan from eras past. He finds out that he will be the nation’s new prime minister in time, and will be taught how to conduct himself by some of Japan’s best heads of government.

Himaruya launched the Sōri Club manga in the Jump SQ. magazine in January 2021. Shueisha published the manga’s sixth compiled book volume on June 2.

Himaruya’s Hetalia World Stars manga is the latest manga in the Hetalia franchise. The manga launched on Shonen Jump+ on the same day the online manga service launched, but it went on hiatus in April 2018. The manga resumed serialization in April 2021. Shueisha published the manga’s seventh compiled book volume on June 2.

The manga also inspired a new anime adaptation, which debuted in April 2021.

Source: Jump SQ. November issue

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