Hidden TikTok trick lets you scroll videos without using your HANDS

TikTok users will know how annoying it is to have to listen to a video repeatedly because their phone isn’t around to swipe to the next video.

But help is at hand, as TikTok star ‘Roxanna.Roxi’ has unveiled a nifty hack that makes it possible to scroll through a feed without using your hands.

In a short video, a robot narrator says, “Super cool TikTok trick you didn’t know existed. Did you know you can scroll on TikTok without using your hands? Just say “next.”

As part of the video demonstration, Roxanna shows users how to gain access the function of an iPhone’s voice control options.

These are visible by simply clicking on the ‘accessibility’ tab in the Settings app.


  1. Go to iPhone Settings
  2. Click on ‘Accessibility’
  3. Tap “Voice Control”
  4. Press ‘Custom Commands’
  5. Click on ‘Create new assignment…’
  6. Type in your chosen phrase
  7. Click on ‘Action’
  8. Tap on “Perform Custom Gesture”
  9. Draw a line up (as if you were scrolling)
  10. Press save
  11. Then go back to the previous page
  12. Press save again

From here, users were advised to tap the ‘set up voice control’ option where a voice command can be created and customized.

although Roxanna chose to say “next” as her command, iPhone owners can choose any phrase they want to have the feed swiped up.

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Once the phrase is typed in the “Create New Command” section, “Run Custom Motion” should be clicked.

Here, users have to swipe up on their screen as if scrolling through their TikTok feed before clicking save.

This allows the iPhone to merge the voice command and scroll action that can be used in the app.

Its use isn’t limited to TikTok, though, as Apple says voice commands can be easily used to “click,” “swipe,” and “tap” on phones.

These features were originally designed to make iPhone easier for people with physical or mental disabilities to use.

Apple’s website states: “You can select, drag and zoom precisely by displaying numbers next to clickable items or by placing a grid on the screen.

Voice Control also provides a more efficient way to write and edit.

A voice prompt can be created and customized in an iPhone's accessibility settings

TikTok star ‘Roxanna.Roxi’ took to the platform to show her 1.1 million followers how to look through their feed just by saying ‘next’ out loud

Pictured: options for 'Perform custom gesture'.  Here, users have to swipe up on their screen as if scrolling through their TikTok feed before clicking save

Pictured: options for ‘Perform custom gesture’. Here, users have to swipe up on their screen as if scrolling through their TikTok feed before clicking save


1. Install the Voice Access app

2. Check operation

3. Open the app

4. Click the ‘Voice activation’ button

5. Try it out

Voice Control’s spelling mode lets you dictate names, addresses, and even custom spellings letter by letter. It’s a seamless process to make corrections, format changes, and transition between text dictation and commands.”

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While the video only features an iPhone, Android devices can also create voice controls for use in apps.

To do this, Google suggests that users first install the Voice Access app and verify that detection is enabled by saying “Hey Google.”

After that, the app must be opened and the ‘Voice Activation’ button pressed.

Then users just need to say commands like “scroll down,” “open Gmail,” and “tap to compose” in the apps they use.

The Voice Access app asks questions like “which?” if unsure which item is being referenced on the screen.

TikTok has become a central platform for sharing lifehacks and hosts many other presentation videos iPhone tips and tricks.

Two years ago, Kaansanity, 21, from the US shared a little-known hack for “hiding” apps on an iPhone, changing their names and icons to make them easy to hide.

In the clip, which has more than two million views, the influencer turns Tinder into what appears to be Apple’s weather app.

The video garnered thousands of comments, many saying it made their partners suspicious.

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