Here’s What Would Happen If Baby Jack Marston Fought a Grizzly Bear


One man enters, one bear leaves.

A helpful Red Dead Redemption 2 player has kindly given us all a look at a showdown between a very young Jack Marston and one of the game’s grizzly bears. The results are… certainly something, and yet likely very predictable. This is definitely a match-up no one cared to see, but it appears the Marston family just can’t seem to avoid animal attacks.

For a split second at the start of the video, there’s a glimmer of hope that this might not be a complete slaughter. As this is Red Dead Redemption and crazier things have happened, it makes sense to anticipate that what you expect isn’t the true result. Alas, that’s not the case in this situation.

In an outcome that should be surprising to no one, Jack doesn’t win. But just writing it that way doesn’t emphasize the whole point. He really doesn’t win, and it’s not even close. The poor kid never had a chance, and this Thunderdome (made of what looks like wardrobes) only serves to box him in. That’s not to say the arena is the problem; Jack likely never stood a chance, even if he had a forest to maneuver through.

Seeing as this video is brought to you by Reddit and Tiktok user NPCpranks, what could you expect besides a video of a kid getting dismantled by a bear?

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*Though there is no blood, some may find the below footage somewhat confronting.*

Ever since his dad John Marston was attacked by all those wolves, this bear encounter was inevitable. As everyone who played the first Red Dead Redemption knows, Jack grows up to be strong enough to eventually take on a bear. Maybe the ending of the first game and Jack becoming playable was just the prologue to him hunting down this bear for a rematch.

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