Here’s How Much Jimmy Buffett’s Estate Is Worth (And Who Stands To Inherit It)


  • Jimmy Buffett amassed a fortune of $1 billion through his successful music career and business ventures in the hospitality industry.
  • The bulk of Buffett’s net worth came from the business empire he built, including Margaritaville Holding, LLC, which brings in $1 to $2 billion annually.
  • Buffett’s potential beneficiaries are his wife Jane Slagsvol and his three children, Savannah, Sarah, and Cameron, who have pursued careers in the music, film, and entertainment industries.

Jimmy Buffett was the king of “island escapism” with his catchy music that helped fans feel like they were in paradise regardless of where they were physically located. His music, which he performed live and in places like The Tonight Show that, unfortunately, was disastrous, in conjunction with his entrepreneurial spirit helped Buffett go from his humble beginnings in Pascagoula, Mississippi to the Florida Keys where Buffett found the style of music that fit the lifestyle he wanted to brand.

His island music helped Buffett crack into the Hot 100 in the late 1970s, and he did not look back from there. Instead, he formed Margaritaville Holding, LLC that would be the beginning for Margaritaville restaurants and casinos, clothing stores, and Cheeseburger in Paradise restaurants, just to name a few ventures Buffett had outside of music.

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While Buffett would eventually sell most of his stake in the company, he made more than enough to have a lifestyle that was comfortable for both himself and his loved ones. With his passing, people have been wondering just how much the Buffett estate is worth and who stands to inherit it.

Jimmy Buffett’s Net Worth

With the number of titles that Buffett had to his name at the time of his death, including singer-songwriter, novelist, film producer, businessman, philanthropist, and more, it should come as no surprise that Buffett had amassed quite a fortune for himself over the past several decades. Just how much Buffett’s fortune was, however, may be surprising to some.

Buffett’s net worth was $1 billion at the time of his death in September 2023.

Some of Buffett’s fortune came from his 30 albums that he toured the world with, Parrotheads in tow. Many of these fans were so intense about their connection with Buffett that they would follow him from city to city, attending several concerts in one season.

The bulk of the $1 billion net worth came from the business empire that Buffett grew for himself, much like Tiger Woods. Instead of just singing about the laid-back island lifestyle, Buffett made a brand out of it.

From casinos, hotels, restaurants, and more, if Buffett could translate the venture into something that represented relaxing, island life, or his music, Buffett did it.

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Because of this business savvy, when Buffett decided to sell the bulk share in Margaritaville Holding, LLC, which brings in $1 to $2 billion annually, Buffett was still receiving close to $200 million for his shares, which meant his net worth was not damaged by his health struggles.

Instead, Buffett was still growing his wealth at the time of his passing, albeit at a slower rate than when younger. Because of this, his beneficiaries have quite a bit of cash, business holdings, and property to sort through now that Buffett is gone.

Jimmy Buffett’s Potential Beneficiaries

During his lifetime, Buffett was married twice. His first marriage was to Margie Washicheck, which lasted a little over three years, ending in 1972. It was when Buffett met Jane Slagsvol and married her in 1977 that Buffett found the love of his life, with whom he had three children.

The most likely beneficiaries of Buffett’s estate are Slagsvol, and Buffett’s children, Savannah, Sarah, and Cameron Buffett.

Jimmy Buffett during a concert
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Savannah, the oldest of the children, was born in 1979, according to Today. She would be the only of the children to follow Buffett into the music industry. While it was not as a singer, Savannah did become a successful radio personality and music supervisor for films.

Sarah, aka Delaney, the middle child, was born in 1992, per the publication. Delaney was drawn to the entertainment industry as well but from a movie-making standpoint. This draw led Delaney to become a working film producer on several films, working all over the US.

The youngest child, Cameron has chosen to live a quieter lifestyle than his sisters, Today explains. As such, there is little known about Cameron’s career. But given the adventures he posts with his wife on social media, it appears that Cameron is living the good life just like his dad did.

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Whether the fortune that Buffett built will be split equally between his wife and children is unknown. But, given that Buffett was keen on giving back via charity, it would not be surprising if some of his estate went to his favorite charities to carry on the work he felt was so important even after his passing.

Charities That Could Benefit From Jimmy Buffett’s Estate

During his lifetime, Buffett gave away and helped raise millions of dollars for charities that he believed in. Those charities that Buffett gave his wealth away to included Singing for Change, Saving the Manatee Club, and March of Dimes, as well as organizations that dealt with cancer research, Alzheimer’s research, and more.

As a result of how dedicated his Parrotheads were to Buffett and what he believed in, different chapters around the world helped to give back to his favorite charities as well. They alone helped to raise $26 million, per NonProfit PRO for the betterment of the world.

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Starting in 1995, Buffett realized that he could make an impact if just $1 was given to charities from each concert ticket he sold. As such, every ticket from that point forward was donated to various charities of Buffett’s choosing.

Just how much Buffett gave away during his lifetime is unknown. What he did give and the lives he touched in his 76 years on earth were all for the better, though. Despite his struggle with Merkel cell carcinoma over the years, Buffett continued to give his all.

That is until he no longer could when the cancer ultimately took his life on September 1, 2023.

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