Happy New Year 2023 Celebrations Begin! Know Countries That Will Ring In 2023 First And Last

New Year celebrations have begun! Know which country was the first to ring in 2023 and which one will be the last

Happy New Year 2023 Celebrations Begin! Know Countries That Will Ring In 2023 First And Last

Happy New Year 2023: The bells of the year 2023 have started to ring. Party places, homes are all decked up with new year fervor. As people are ready to rejoice and welcome new year with a bang, some countries have already begun with the joy ride. Yes, countries across the globe celebrate New Year at different time. While in some places the clock has struck 12, some are about to and some are still getting ready for the party.

It is according to the International Date Line (IDL), that people countdown till 12 midnight, January 1 to welcome new year.

The IDL is an imaginary line that extends from North to South Pole passing through the Pacific Ocean.

When you cross it, you either gain or lose a day depending on which way you are traveling. If you are traveling westward, you gain a day, and if you are traveling eastward, you lose a day.

Country that celebrate New Year first and Last

Kiritmati, a part of Kiribati Islands wis the first place on earth to usher in New Year 2023. Located on the Pacific Ocean and is a part of the countries in Oceania.  It will be just 3.30 pm on December 31 in India, according to the IDL.

The New Year ultimately comes full circle after travelling all around the world. Howland and Baker Islands, territories of the United States, are the last places on Earth to celebrate the New Year (5.30 pm Sunday IST).

Countries and their time of ringing in New Year

  • New Zealand:  3:45 pm IST
  • Fiji and a Small region of Russia 5:30 IST
  • Australia: 6:30 pm IST
  • Japan, South Korea and North Korea: 8:30 pm IST
  • China, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore: 9:30 pm IST
  • Bangladesh:  11:30 pm IST
  • Nepal: 11:45 pm IST
  • Sri Lanka:  12:00 am IST
  • Pakistan:  12:30 am IST
  • Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and Spain:  4:30 am IST
  • UK, Ireland, Iceland, Portugal:  5:30 am IST
  • Thailand, Indonesia: 10:30 pm IST

Published Date: December 31, 2022 6:38 PM IST

Updated Date: December 31, 2022 7:12 PM IST

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