(NewsNation) — The disappearance of a woman last seen in early December has investigators following her trail, and they have identified a person of interest.

Gretchen Fleming was reported missing on Dec. 12 by her family in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and was last seen on Dec. 4. Authorities weren’t concerned about the delay in reporting.

“She was close with her family,” says Parkersburg Police Chief Matthew Board. “Sometimes you just go a few days without speaking to family, so they didn’t really feel it was strange.”

The missing woman’s family has offered a $15,000 dollar reward in the case. Board has offered assurances that they believe their person of interest will likely have important information that could possibly lead to Fleming’s safety.

“Still hoping that there’s a positive resolution to this,” said Board.

The full interview with Board can be viewed in the player above.

By Rahul

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