G20 Summit 2023 Delhi : India vs China

G20 summit delhi

G20 Summit 2023 Delhi, Some people worry that China’s leader, Xi Jinping, might use this chance to harm India. China and India are arguing about their border. Xi will not be at the G20 summit, which is a big meeting of leaders from many important countries. This is the first time he has missed it since he became the leader of China over ten years ago. Other leaders will notice that he is not there.

The Chinese president didn’t go to the G20 in Italy in 2021 because of the pandemic, but he attended virtually. This year, the Chinese premier Li Qiang will lead the delegation. The Chinese foreign ministry said they want the summit to be successful. The Chinese president and the Russian president didn’t go to the summit organized by the Indian prime minister. The Indian prime minister wants to show that India is becoming more important in the world.

G20 Summit 2023 Delhi : India vs China ,Xi’s absence from the summit has caused a lot of excitement in the news worldwide. People have different opinions about why he didn’t come. Some think it’s because of problems between China and India, while others think it’s because of China’s economy or the conflict in Ukraine.

Xi started his third term this year and is now a very powerful leader like Mao Zedong. He wants to make Beijing more important in the world. However, he has not gone to many other countries this year because of Covid-19. He only went to South Africa in August for a meeting.

Before the G20 summit, many things happened between India and China. Modi and Xi had a talk during Brics, which was their first public meeting since the border issues in the Himalayas for three years. They agreed to quickly solve the border dispute.China caused a problem when they made a map that showed parts of India, the South China Sea, and Taiwan. This made six other countries upset and caused a disagreement. The last time he visited India was a year before the India-China border argument in 2019. He met with Modi for a casual meeting.

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