We live in a world of social media where what Instagram is to millennials, Tik Tok is to GenZ. While influencers are becoming trendsetters, internet trends are catching up with our day-to-day lives. With beauty and makeup trends topping the charts. We’ve seen some of the most iconic beauty trends to date this year on social media, from Hailey Bieber’s famed glazed donut nails and brownie-glazed lips to the ultimate hack for producing salon-worthy curls without heat damage. While some were, to put it simply, dubious, others appear guaranteed to bring us through to 2023 and beyond. (Also read: Skincare trends 2023: From multitasking serums to facial oils, skin essentials you should swear by for best results )

Talking to HT Lifestyle, Kerali Vaghasia, Head of Make-up, Kult App, shares a few top viral beauty trends that ruled in 2022 and will be followed in the upcoming year as well.

1. Graphic eyes: One of the hottest makeup trends we saw and approved too was –Graphic eyes – Bold. Abstract. Beautiful. Makeup today is a part of self-expression for GenZ and they are not afraid to experiment. Clean, precise, geometric strokes as well as elaborate free-hands and even hyper-realistic eye looks made it big on social media. From neon yellow to cherry red to rainbow eye look we saw a palette full of colours. Cake pot liners and liquid eyeliners outdid the list of favourites for their ease of application and high colour pigmentation

2. Glass skin: Smooth, clear, intensely hydrated and lustrous glow of glass skin topped the charts – thanks to the rising popularity of the Korean wave or ‘Hallyu’. In the world of skincare, no one gets it better than Korean Beauty a.k.a. K-Beauty. Whether you are a fan or not, there is no denying that their dewy, glowing skin is a dream. Content creators showcased their ‘go to bed with me’ skincare step routines of using the cleanser, followed by toner, mask, serum and moisturizer.

3. Fake that hairline: things you didn’t know you needed to fix: hairlines. Kim Kardashian, of course, was an early adopter of the trend but a smarter and more feasible way is by filling in the hairline with products such as Toppik to fill the hair thinning or touch up the roots along with applying the gel, pulling it tight across the forehead, then securing with bobby pins. This trick apparently works best with tight, slicked-back styling and gives you an instant appearance of naturally thick and full hair.

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4. Cold girl makeup: This viral trend is one of the easiest to continue into the new year. Mainly powered by a precise application of blush from cheek to cheek and on the tip of the nose, the makeup look aims to emphasize a subtle complexion flush that may occur when outside during winter months.

5. Grab some gemstones: If you are familiar with the Tv show Euphoria, you know it isn’t just known for its gripping plot but also its stellar makeup. We saw some of the boldest signature make-up looks that went viral on TikTok from cat eyes, vivid colours, and over-the-top lashes to eyes outlined with wearable rhinestones and gemstones. Fairly simple to recreate this look as it allows Genz to feel like they have permission to pair bold colours with rhinestones or glitter—and bring it into everyday wear.

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