Fashion legend and costume designer Patricia Field gave Bresha Webb a breathtaking wedding gift

Bresha Webb got a sweet wedding gift from fashion legend Patricia Field, she tells Page Six.

Field did the costumes for Webb’s Starz show “Run The World,” and the actress tells us that she fell in love with a pair of Manolo Blahniks that she wore in one of the episodes.

Meanwhile, while Webb, 39, was shooting the Harlem-based comedy she was also preparing to marry TV writer Nick Jones in a February 2023 ceremony.

“I was obsessed with the shoes,” she told Page Six, “they were just so beautiful and I was like, ‘I need these.’ [Field] left them in my room and she left a note and she said, ‘Wear these for the wedding.’ I ended up wearing them them for my rehearsal dinner so it was perfect.”

The hit Starz show follows four girlfriends who work and live in uptown Manhattan.

Bresha Webb in orange dress posing on red carpet..
The 39-year-old was gifted a pair of Manolo Blahniks by the fashion legend.
Getty Images for Tribeca Festival

Patricia Fields and Bresha Webb in blue dress smiling on set.
The Baltimore native wore the shoes to her rehearsal dinner.

The famed “Sex and The City” costume designer has worked on both seasons of the show.

Bresha Webb in yellow dress.
“A Fall From Grace” actress says the “Sex and the City” costume designer used fashion items from her personal closet on the show.
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Aside from her gift-giving prowess, Webb says she was blown away by Field’s costume department.

“They are just an amazing team. They think about all of us individually,” she told us, “They brought life to the characters thorough fashion. Patricia used a lot of things for the second season from her closet. She was able to bring a lot of her own things to us like out of her very own studio. We were all wearing like vintage Roberto Cavalli [and] wearing amazing stuff this season… that’s just out of her stock.”

Bresha Webb and husband Nick Jones eating at table.
The “Marlon” actress married Nick Jones in February 2023.

“A Fall From Grace” actress married Jones in an Old Hollywood glam theme wedding in Beverly Hills, California.

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