Elderly woman, 94, travels with granddaughter to meet her sister ‘one last time’

A 94-year-old woman travelled across the country to reunite with her 90-year-old. Barbara Carolan travelled from New Hampshire to Nevada to meet her sister Shirley for the last time. She was accompanied by her granddaughter, Stephanie Atkinson Shively, on this journey.

Elderly siblings having a conversation in person one last time. (Instagram/@stephanie_communityrealtor)
Elderly siblings having a conversation in person one last time. (Instagram/@stephanie_communityrealtor)

New York Times reported that the duo had not seen each other in a long time. However, when they finally reunited, they spent several days in each other’s company before having to part ways. Shivley filmed a conversation between the two as a memory and shared it on TikTok. Expectedly, it went viral with over 13 million views and counting.

Shivley also shared the video on Instagram with the caption, “94 and 90 year old sisters. They have loved each other for so long! They live across the country and I was asked to bring them together for a visit one last time.”

The siblings are unlikely to see each other in person again due to their age and the difficulties of travel.

In the video, Shirley says, “Don’t say goodbye!” To this, Carolan replied, “I’m not going to! There’s no way I’m going to say goodbye to you.”

Watch this emotional video right here:

Since being shared on September 10, the video has accumulated scores of likes and comments. While it left many emotional, for others, it served as a reminder to meet their loved ones.

Here’s how people reacted to this video:

“My goodness. What an honour,” posted an individual.

Another added, “This gutted me.”

“Oh goodness! They are gems!” expressed a third.

A fourth commented, “This is so beautiful!”

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A fifth shared, “OMG!”

Many in the comments section of this video dropped heart emoticons.

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