Dog ready for adoption after surviving being shot in the head

A dog that was shot in the head and left in the woods tangled to a tree is finally up for adoption, an animal shelter has revealed. Brendan, also known as Bucky, was found in woodland with a shell casing in his neck.

Tucker County Animal Shelter in Maryland, US started to accept donations to help cover the high vet costs.

Enough money was raised to cover the expenses within days.

Bucky was discharged from care earlier this week.

In a post on Facebook, Tucker County Animal Shelter said: “Guess what!!? Brendan ‘Bucky’, the sweet boy who was found with a GSW in the woods, is getting discharged from veterinary care today!

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“Lots of folks have expressed passing interest in adopting him but we have yet to receive an application for him.

“If you would like to adopt him, please apply at”

The post was well-received on social media, with 237 reactions and 144 shares.

Facebook users took to the comments to voice their support for Bucky.

Patricia Rutherford said: “You’re a special boy, I hope you find a great forever happy home with lots of love.”

Vicky Taylor added: “What a sweet handsome boy he is!

“I’m so glad he’s doing lot better and hope and pray for him a loving forever home real soon!

“Much love and prayers for you precious baby boy.”

Brendan Arbogast claimed he put his notice in on March 1 but has not yet heard anything back.

The shelter replied: “I’ll check and follow up with you.”

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Footage from the shelter in the small town of Accident showed the excitable pup walking through as staff clapped.

The canine was wagging his tail and jumping up at staff.

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