DeSantis announces funding for Hurricane Ian victims

(NewsNation) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has announced millions in relief for those in the state’s disaster areas.

DeSantis said up to $25 million in state funding will be available for those whose homes were destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

The announcement comes in response to the Federal Emergency Management Agency last week denying a request for help with temporary and permanent home repairs.

In a letter, FEMA said they had limited authority for that type of approval and said there was an “inability to confirm” that aid would help disaster victims the way it should.

FEMA also said it has already provided $771 million in grants in the months following Hurricane Ian, including paying for hotel rooms for displaced families.

But on the ground in Florida, many are still struggling, some living in tents and being told they don’t qualify for aid because they aren’t in the officially declared disaster zone.

In response to NewsNation reporting on the conditions, a FEMA spokesperson said they were concerned about the number of denials in some areas of southwest Florida and would be looking into the issue.

The state funding DeSantis announced will go to nonprofits to be used toward purchasing materials to rebuild homes destroyed in the hurricane.

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