David Dawson: Harry Styles is Part of the Reason Working on My Policeman was Special to Me | Exclusive

My Policeman, a romantic drama based on Bethan Roberts’ bestseller, released on Amazon Prime Video recently. The film explores the lives of three young friends – Tom (Harry Styles), Marion (Emma Corrin), and Patrick (David Dawson), and the consequences of their choices in two different timelines. A gay romance set in 1950s Britain, My Policeman highlights the persecution of homosexuality in that era.

Actor David Dawson, who plays Patrick, Tom’s (Styles) love interest in the film, spoke to News18 exclusively about his preparations for the role. Excerpts from the chat:

What was it like to play a closeted gay man in the 1950s?

Interestingly, actually, he’s not is he’s not closeted. I think that’s why I was drawn to this character so much. He’s somebody who’s incredibly proud of his sexuality, knows who he is, and the world in which he lives. It’s the laws of the society he lives in that’s stopping him from living his life as fully as he wishes to. What I love about playing him is he’s someone who’s incredibly adept, through necessity, leading two different personas in life.

One that makes him a respectable man in the society he occupies, but that also enables him to achieve his ambitions. And then we see the other side of the man, when he’s alone in his apartment, where you see the authentic Patrick, where he’s allowed to be himself when we see a man who, like everybody else, just wants to find love and joy in this world.

Did you read the original novel before taking up the film?

No, I didn’t know of the novel actually. But I’ve been fortunate enough to work on a number of projects that are based on books that I have always loved to go back to – after you’ve read the script – and read through it to find little gems, little nuggets of detail and nuance that you can then bring into your performance sometimes.

How relevant do you think are the themes explored in this film to today’s world?

Even though this is a period film about 50s Britain, we have to acknowledge that in many places around the world, the kind of society in which Patrick, Tom and Marion live, is a present. So hopefully, there’s poignancy in that.

What was it like, romancing Harry Styles on screen?

When you first read the script, you know that this Have story for it to really work, you hope that you’re going to be working with someone who you can fully trust and is incredibly down to earth and will give you a great level of communication through the process. And I got all of that and more in Harry. He was a joy to work with from day one. And yeah, I think that he’s part of the reason why this project was special to me, I think.

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