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A woman has bravely opened up about the horrifying moment she claims a male physiotherapist indecently assaulted her during a massage.

Musician Hannah Stow says she will never see a male massage therapist again after a sickening incident that unfolded when she was just 21.

Now at 28, she is sharing the harrowing details of her story publicly for the very first time, in a bid to raise awareness and help others who may have gone through similar experiences feel less alone.

The Perth local explained that she was in desperate need of a remedial massage, but preferred to stay in the comfort of her own home – so decided to hire a physiotherapist to come to her house.

“I was feeling extra lazy that day, and I just could not be bothered getting up, getting dressed and going into an actual massage parlour,” she told news.com.au.

“I thought I’d treat myself, and hire someone to come to me. I went on Gumtree and found this man who had a degree and 15 years of experience.

“At the time, I was quite young and I did not see anything wrong with this. He seemed credible and skilled.

“I booked him, and he came over to my house to massage me. He set up everything, and it was all going as normal until about 20 minutes in.”

Hannah says the therapist began working on her calves with both his hands when she felt something touch her foot.

This happened a second time, and when she looked around, she noticed him putting something back into his pants.

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That is when she realised the unthinkable had just happened.

“I felt another body part touch my foot. I was just laying there thinking, that was really weird and got a bit confused,” she explained.

“Then I felt something touch my foot again and I turned around. He was putting something back into his pants.

“I froze, finished the massage, paid him and he left. I’ve always been someone that will shrug things off easily.

“I wasn’t in a mature enough state where I felt comfortable reporting it. I just thought ‘that was weird, never again’ and moved on.

“It is only now that I am able to speak about it in a way I do most things I find awkward, in a jovial way on TikTok.”

Since the incident, Hannah says she would never hire a massage therapist to come to her house and would only go to a reputable establishment.

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Furthermore, she no longer feels comfortable with male therapists, choosing now to only see female ones.

“It was so creepy, and I definitely don’t recommend booking home massages,” she said.

“Never, ever, get a masseuse to come to your house.

“I only ever go to reputable places now and always request a female.”

Despite feeling brave enough in sharing her experience on TikTok, Hannah has been disappointed by the misogynistic and victim-blaming reactions from people online.

“The comments I’ve received on TikTok are very alarming.

“I can imagine they are part of the reason women are traumatised by events like this and choose not to speak out.

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“The comments section is full of victim blaming, accusations of lying and sexual innuendos and it is scary to say the least.”

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