COVID-19: Allahabad High Court to resume in routine manner from March 1

 Prayagraj: The Allahabad High Court is all set to resume functioning in a routine manner from March 1 and the guidelines have also been issued for the same. Several modalities and arrangements have been done which will be effective from March 1, 2021.

The High Court will function as usual and all the Courts will function in a routine manner. The Judges and their supporting staff (Private Secretary, Bench Secretary, peon etc) will attend the High Court in full strength.

Check out the other modalities and arrangements:

– The sections of the Court will be opened in a routine manner and the Officers, Officials and Staff will attend the High Court in full strength.

– The Learned Advocates will file their cases, documents, petitions and applications in e-mode or in physical form in the Stamp Reporting Section and the Application Section, at Counters located In the premises of the High Court as per arrangement prior to the Lockdown.

– There shall be no requirement of Urgency Applications for a listing of Listed matters.

– The defects reported by the Stamp Reporting Sections in fresh cases shall be cured as per the arrangement which was existing before March 18, 2020.

– The Listed matters shall continue to be listed in the Additional Cause List and Daily Cause List shall not be printed or published till further orders.

– The Photo-Affidavit Centre will start functioning in a routine manner from March 1, 2021.

– The Counters will function outside the premises of the High Court to charge Court Fee through e-mode.

– The work-flow for e-Filing along with the screenshots is already available on the official website of Allahabad High Court – and the same may be accessed by the Advocates who are facing problem in this regard.

– The files will be sent from the sections to the Hon’ble Courts after proper sanitization.

– The gates of the High Court will be opened as following for entry and exit:

Allahabad High Court entry and exit gates

– Only those Learned Advocates will enter in the High Court through E-Pass, whose case(s) are to be taken by the Court(s). Such Learned Advocates will enter the High Court through Gates as specified above.

– The Litigant-ln-Person will be permitted to physically appear before the Court. The Gate-pass will be issued to them, if required.

– Any person desirous of joining Court proceedings through video-conferencing shall have to send an email indicating his/her mobile number along with case details (parties, Name, Nature of Case, Case Number, Year etc) and his email id with a request for being provided a video conferencing link to enable him to join the Court proceedings. This email has to be lodged with the High Court not later than 1:00 PM one working day before the date of hearing. The e-mail id is:- It is also clarified that the counsel on record/AGA/Counsel for the Respondent is not permitted to share the video link with any other individual except with those who are disclosed as representing the party on the e-file/petition/application. Not more than two advocates for a party shall be permitted on the video platform of the actual hearing.

– In all such matters where a petition has been filed in hard copies, and an application, Counter Affidavit etc is required to be filed, such applications and objections etc can be filed in the e_filing module. Link of the same is available on the official website of Allahabad High Court.

– The chambers of Learned Advocates in the High court premises will be opened on March 1, 2021.

– The clerks to the Advocates if they possess valid gate pass will be permitted entry in the High Court.

– No Litigants will be permitted entry in the High Court.

– The Canteens of the Advocates and the Employees, Canteen situated in the High Court premises will function in a routine manner.

– The Advocates and the staff will not be permitted to roam in the Judges’ corridor, gallery (Ground Floor and First Floor).

– The Judges and the Learned Lawyers will wear Robes and Coat as prescribed in a routine manner.

– The Learned Advocates appearing in the Court will wear a mask and will adhere to all necessary conditions prescribed for social and physical distancing.

– Not more than 6 Advocates will be permitted to remain in the Court Room at any given time.

– The Learned Advocates shall leave the Court Room immediately after hearing of their case(s)

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