Couple who believe ‘sunlight is food’ arrested after baby starves to death

Sunlight-worshipping parents of a newborn who died of “prolonged starvation” have been detained in Russia.

The mother, Oxana Mironova, 33, is under investigation for causing death by negligence. The father Maxim Lyutyi, 43, has been separately arrested for resisting police.

The strange pair are reported to be believers in “feeding on sunlight”, while Lyutyi is known as a “radical raw foodist”, according to Zvezda News.

“The preliminary version of the infant’s death is severe exhaustion … that the blogger tried to instil his nutrition system in the baby,” the outlet said.

The baby boy – around one-month old – was reported to have been taken to hospital near Sochi after he was suspected of suffering with pneumonia and emaciation caused by starvation.

The baby later tragically died due to “prolonged starvation”.

The Russian Investigative Committee is conducting an investigation into the infant’s death and a criminal case has been launched.

Mironova has been put on house arrest for two months by a judge.

The baby was alleged to have been born at home near the large Black Sea resort city of Sochi, and not seen by doctors.

The health influencer parents are known for founding a club called “The Living Man”, which focuses on improving people’s health and dealing with their personal problems.

Lyutyi frequently advocated online for methods to cleanse the body and for the bizarre prana-eating – feeding off the energy of the sun and avoiding food or water for a prolonged time.

Local media outlet Caution News cited law enforcement sources that claimed the couple “tried to transfer the baby to prana-eating”, which allegedly led to the baby’s tragic death.

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This article was originally published by the US Sun and reproduced with permission

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